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The Silk Road. This map shows various routes and locations along the ancient Silk Road, with layers to examine the interactions of various aspects of physical and cultural geography pertaining to it. Clicking on routes and locations will reveal information and links. This is a live document The easy way to explore the Silkroad Online world map. Features. Navigate through towns, areas, and other popular locations; Search filter by locations or NPC's; Search by coordinates (both supported: PosX,PosY or X,Y,Z,Region) Teleport actions with NPC's included; Show coordinates by click; Zoom level Wenn man dieses Tool startet kommt ein Map wo drauf man halt die Koordinaten ablesen kann. Kein Plan ob's nützlich ist^^ Was haltet ihr Davon? Pic Download Download MfG Da0wn3

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  1. Easiest way to explore the Silkroad world map! Features. Search locations using coordinates. Find the location of NPC's. Teleport actions included
  2. Maps Page. Here are silkroad maps enjoy ^^ First off, the promotional map of all SRO (including Europe): The World Map (that we in ISRO know): Now, the Jangan Continent (with monsters and levels): Donwang (with monsters and levels): Hotan (with monsters and levels): Donwang Stone Cave (with monsters and levels): Takla Mountain (with monsters.

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Silkroad Private Server Tanıtım, SilkRoad PVP Serverler, sBot, agnBot, mBot Crack, vSRO Kurulum, Guard, Ücretsiz Guard, Silkroad Online, Silkroad Tanıtım, Silkroad Reklam, Private Server, Tanıtı Silkroad Online Skill Calculator - M3 Stats. Hello there again, It's been a long time since we have been working on M3 Stats. From now on we start to rebuild our infrastructure and improve our services. On the incoming days we weill be sharing more details about that. Keep in touch The Silkroad Online website mentions that the highest levels have extra job items with bonuses on them. This has yet to be confirmed, and the info itself is very confusing, because it is copy/pasted. This is the only bonus that could be verified. By getting a lot of job experience, you might end up on the server's top rankings. They are updated. KARTEN / MAPS. Unique Spawn; Gebiete. China; West China; Königreich Oasis; Taklamakan; Europa; Vorderasien; Westasien; Zentralasien; Ägypten; Städte. Jangan; Donwhang; Hotan; Samarkand; Konstantinopel; Alexandria; Gräber / Cave / Tomb. Donwhang Cave; Ägypten Grab; Qin Shi Tomb Level 1; Qin Shi Tomb Level 2; Qin Shi Tomb Level 3; Qin Shi Tomb Level 4; Qin Shi Tomb Level 5; Qin Shi Tomb Level The Silph Road's Global Nest Atlas is the largest collection of known Pokemon GO nest locations in the world. Kept up-to-date by travelers all around the world, nests are tracked and explained with a history for each nest location..

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'Forgotten World', often referred to as 'FGW ' is the name of the dungeons present in Silkroad Online. It contains various monsters and bosses, has additional quests and quest rewards and is the only place where talismen can be found. Forgotten World dungeons are instances, meaning each player will get his own personal dungeon. 1 Accessability 1.1 Obtaining Dimension Holes 1.2 Using them. Silkroad online - White Knight (Sh0b0) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next 1. 1. Features. Add your server banner. RETRO - Exceeds your expectations. Cap 110 CH-EU Mastery 330/220 Balanced ,Mid Rates Exp 10x, Party Exp 12x, Item 5x, Gold Rate 3x , FGW Rate 5x, Free Silk per hour, Auto Events,Battle Arena , CTF , Survival, ISRO system with less edits ,Clean community , Play to win , Join now Today, we're gonna do something new. We're gonna change the character-selection location entirely. Not just the region where the characters end up somewhere in the ground or floating high in the air. We will change everything. I've seen some people to it, but there is no guide yet. Lets go! I'm not going to cove

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'Forgotten World', often referred to as 'FGW ' is the name of the dungeons present in Silkroad Online. It contains various monsters and bosses, has additional quests and quest rewards and is the only place where talismen can be found. Forgotten World dungeons are instances, meaning each player will get his own personal dungeon The current position of SILKROAD 03 is at China Coast (coordinates 30.16405 N / 122.02063 E) reported 29 hours ago by AIS. The vessel is en route to the port of Zhoushan, China, and expected to arrive there on Jun 5, 03:00 Silkroad Online Private Servers. Cap 110 CH-EU Mastery 330/220 Balanced ,Mid Rates Exp 60x, Party Exp 70x, Item 10x, SOX Rate 10x , FGW / Battle Arena / CTF/ FTW / NEW System, Free Silk per hour / Free SIlk for Vote, Auto Events Register today and lets write history togethe Silkroad Online Cap 100 Private Servers. Find the best Silkroad Online Cap 100 Private Servers in one list - Top 100 Sro Servers. We have 368 Servers in our list atm, 21 of which are online right now with a total of 5714 Players

You can help the Silkroad Online Wiki by expanding it. Creating a good, balanced and strong character in silkroad is not a simple task. The two ingredients that affect characters the most and are not easily changeable (or not changeable at all) are skills and str/int points. Many players underestimate the importance of changing those variables very carefully. This guide will include. Silkroad Online Private Servers, Free Servers, New Silkroad Servers. 1. [ Details] DemonRoad - 140 cap, 140 skill, total mastery: 420, weapon: 14D. Many custom features, arabian uniques, new titles, avatars and pets at NPC, unique summon scrolls, premium alchemy, new pets and avatars, custom weapon glows, new skills 65758

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NO BOTS ALLOWED - 3 Years Online - 2 Servers - Origin Online is an unique server with all features of the Original Silkroad game the game we all know and love - Clean community - Play the game as it should be played. Visit PlayOrigin.com and Join us.. Silkroad Online Cap 130 Private Servers. Find the best Silkroad Online Cap 130 Private Servers in one list - Top 100 Sro Servers. We have 368 Servers in our list atm, 21 of which are online right now with a total of 5792 Players Royalty Road. 2020-12-06 18:20:13 Don't Miss Fun and try our Game Server. Game is Online we just need your support , mention your friends and share our page posts to be have bulk waiting list members to start game together we will give special gifts for first registered members Check our Website : www.royaltyroad.onlineSilkroad Top 100, 200 server, Silkroad Private Server, silkroad server Start an exciting adventure on the top Silkroad online private server today! Cap 110 - D11 - Mastery 330 - Experience x4 - Party Experience x8 - Skill Points x5 - Item Drop Rate x15 - Gold Drop Rate x5 Battle Arena On - Old system - Good rate FGW Good Rate Coin Job 105, daily events - Play to win Votes 0. 36 Details..::Flash-Online::.. CAP 140,ANTI-DDOS,BALANCED CAP140,ARABIA,PETRA,ANTI.

Silk Road Map 2021 - useful maps of Silk Road routes. The Silk Road stretches more than 7,000 kilometers, connecting most lands of Asia and Europe. It is not easy to follow the Silk Road on the map, because there are several mail routes which also have many branches. Don't worry, we will make your study easier Map. In the world of Silkroad online, you'll find a lot of different towns and monsters around them. To complete some quests you'll need to know where to find them, so here you are the towns, the location of each monster and the level of it - MAPS / ATLAS - 21st Century Silk Road - OBOR China's Initiative & Related Trade Routes A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step. In 1877 the term Seidenstraße (Die Seidenstrassen, literally Silk Road) was coined by the German geographer, cartographer and explorer Ferdinand von Richthofen. The overland Silk Road & ancient routes cross the Asian continent, from China in Asia. Silk Road Map. The Silk Road is an ancient route started from Xi'an to the Europe in the ancient time. Like Rome was not built in one day, the Silk Road was a joint effort of generations and kingdoms over the centuries. It had withstood over 2000 years' history and witnessed raise and fells of several great kingdoms. During its ups and.

Hi guys, i searching a program for editing[Recompose] Silkroad MAP [Press M in game] i Need to adding Custom unique spawn points, and other graphics edits for maps. I need a d - New Map Alexandria - New items and skills - Powerful unique monsters. 2017-12-15. Dec. 5th 2017, Server Maintenance. Hello everybody, International Silkroad (iSRO) and Silkroad-R (SRO-R) are going to be under maintenance on 5th of December 2017. All Servers will be undergoing Server maintenance. Maintenance Period : Dec 5th, 2017 10:00~15:00 Joymax Standard Time [Patch List] - Bug fix.

Well.. I found this out. Steps to LoGiN faster: 1) Go on silkroad and go on your server, Don't put in your name and password 2) Go on Command Prompt (Start>>There should be a search button on top of start>>Put in ''Command'' without quotes and it should show Command Prompt. 3) Put in Netstat 4) After that they will show Established connections 5) Then you will see something like this: TCP 192. Job Rewards (Gold / War Tokens / Ruby Points) has been doubled for all job unions. 5. Katakor / Witchery / Eterain dungeons' quests will now give 5 Arena Coins each for a total of 15 Arena Coins from Dungeons per day. 6. Katakor / Eterain price has been reduced from 600M to 400M 7. All moon SET parts are now available in SoX Dealer Lihua for a price of 756 Ruby Points & 500M Gold for each part. International Silkroad Forum :: Silkroad Online all versions :: Guides and Tutorials. Page 1 of 1. Sp Calculator. by Pepper Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:25 am. Here is an sp calculator to caluculate your sp Sp Calculator Click here or Another Sp calculator _____ AMD Dual Core 2.2ghz | 2GB Sticks DDR2 | GeForce 8400 GS. Pepper Section Moderator Number of posts: 77 Age: 31 Location: California Thanked. GM Commands. This is a thread to post what each GM command does and the format to use them. I will update this post as people post things. /makeitem (ITEM HERE) (Plus here, 0 to 8) //makes item and drops it on the ground. /loadmonster (MONSTER HERE) (Quantity to spawn) //spawns monster (s Allows you to manage hundreds of accounts from one interface. Supports all servers simultaneously. Auto restart phBot on disconnect. Account information is encrypted locally. Minimap support. Pick filter management. Multiple proxy support. Allows you to set a proxy per account. Completely free

MMORPG.com Silkroad Online Correspondent Nikole Hines writes this second look at Unique Monsters in the game. Medusa has 183,535,199 hit points so even with many parties there, Medusa is not a. Ch'in Tomb 90-100. Ultimate Cure 1. Quest-NPC: Yangyun. Lvl:90. Wiederholungen: 3. Voraussetzung (min. 1x abgeschlossene Quest (s)): keine. Beschreibung: Begebe dich in die Qin-Shi Tomb (Ebene 3) und sammel 100 Tomb Bug Leg - Questgegenstände. Diese kannst du durch das Töten von Tomb Bug-Monstern erlangen Silkroad Online BOT 2011 This is SROKing product bot, that contains clients for Elite Silkroad private servers, 1. if you click twice on a spot on the mini-map, SROKing will auto walk there. 2. you can move the map by holding the left key of your mouse. 3. you can see the coordinate where your mouse shows. 4. the red spot refers to yourself, the green cross refers to the spot you want to. tags: sro silkroadonline silkroad online white knight Sh0b0 first kill greec

The ones you need to level up are Lightning, Force, and Heuksal. Now that you are level 2, you want to move on to Small-Eyed Ghosts. Kill those until you reach level 3. Again, level up Lightning, Force, and Heuksal, along with adding all points to Str. Now it is time to kill Old Weasels Silkroad Private Server Tanıtım, SilkRoad PVP Serverler, sBot, agnBot, mBot Crack, vSRO Kurulum, Guard, Ücretsiz Guard, Silkroad Online, Silkroad Tanıtım. Do thời gian bận rộn em cần 1 người làm cho 1 bản Sro map 130 đưa vào online. Bác nào làm được để lại giá cả cho em LH: 096 888 0104. yahoo: kopyk

- Job System Points Reset Every 1 Week (Saturday 12:00 AM Server Time) Automatically ! 2- Daily Quest Reward Changed From 50 XEON Coin To 100 XEON Coin. 3- CTF Reward Updated : 5 XEON Coin / Reward Coin [Random]. 4- Battle Arena Reward Updated: 50 / Losers & 100 / Winners ( XEON Coin). 5- Survival Arena Event: 250 XEON COIN. 6- Fantasy Cat Pet Added. Update v1.503 - New Unique Added: Update v1. Drag the map to place the crosshairs at your report location, then push the buttons at the bottom of the map. How is this possible? Your `Sightings` list shows spawns inside a 200m radius. Pokemon within a 50m radius will appear on your in-game map. This knowledge allows you to eliminate tall grass similarly to drawing Venn diagrams! What if I have 9+ Pokemon on the Sightings? If you suspect a. Data Wrangling and Visualization Final Project. Contribute to dorcas25sg/Silkroad development by creating an account on GitHub

Our latest news. New update 10-2-2021. New Updates 02-02-2021. New update 27-01-2021 Silkroad is on its way back online they had to change servers and urls to protect everyone's funds. Reply. patience says: August 30, 2019 at 7:01 am. Dont believe the WALRUS he's full of shit wait for the regular links to work as usuall, have patience. Reply. Anonymous says: August 30, 2019 at 12:32 pm . Walrus is the only one communicating. The others have gone awol. Reply. Anonymous. Map Pages . Server Information Server Information Donations Points; 1: x74 1203: 2: DoubleFresh 1203: 3: Crazy Silkroad Royale PapierTiger Memories Online. Helen Wang points out that although these coins were found in China, they were deposited there in the twentieth century, (2016), Very wide-ranging scholarly survey, albeit without any maps. Hansen, Valerie. The Silk Road: A New History (Oxford University Press; 2012) 304 pages; Combines archaeology and history in a study of seven oases; Hallikainen, Saana: Connections from Europe to Asia. Warp yourself to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates. @where [charname] Locate someone on a map, returns your coordinates if the person isn't on. @who [subsequence] Returns list of logged in characters with their position. @whogm [subsequence] Like @who, but only lists GM characters. @whogroup [subsequence] Returns list of logged in characters with their party/guild. @whomap [map name] Returns.

SBot Crack v1.038 (Silkroad Private Serverlar 2021) tutar41 SBot. Map Editör ve Sourcesi oguzhan5 vSRO Rehberleri ve Dosyalar ı. SBot Crack Türkçe Versiyon ( Private Server 2021) galardo06 SBot. phBot - Full Otomatik Kervan Çekme - Günde 1 Premium <3 [AFK'KEN BİLE v0.2 ] Silkroad komikman pHBot [vSRO] Hazır Query Programı v1.3 ForceMan vSRO Rehberleri ve Dosyaları. EU Mastery skill. Welcome to Red Diamond Silkroad Online Private Server! To start playing, create an account If you already have one, here. Updates: 2021.04.23. Update: Academy anti-farm system added. Academy graduation history is now kept in the database and is being checked automatically. Points are removed from the academy for each detected farm char. The exact algorithm used to detect farm chars of.

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Stolen Sack Level: 70 NPC: Village Chief Bukra von Wind Town Beschreibung: Töte Feather Cloak und sammle 100 Food Sacks und 100 Life Essentials Sacks 2 Years Online - NO BOTS - REAL PLAYERS - Origin Online is a unique server with all features of the Original Silkroad game, the game we all know and love - NEW SERVER: ELDORADO CHN Only Server Join us Today. 80898 15: Revenge Online 110 Cap / Drop System / Opening 30.08.201 Silkroad Online (en coreano 실크로드 온라인) es un MMORPG gratuito lanzado el 21 de febrero de 2006 por la compañía surcoreana Joymax.El juego está basado en gran medida en la histórica ruta de la seda y transcurre en las civilizaciones china, islámica, egipcia y europea. A partir del 10 de julio de 2018, Silkroad R pasó a ser parte de Silkroad Online, ya que el primero, solo.

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OPEN BETA ONLINE, TRY IT NOW! Jun 13, 2021 Download Links Available. May 26, 2021 Visit Download Section to download Poseidon Client. Closed Beta is now LIVE for all Discord Members. Get free access now. Join The Main Giveaway Now. May 26, 2021 Click here to join the giveaway. General info. Players online: 0/7500; Server Time: Fortress war. Fortress war: Sunday 20:00; Unique Kills. Queen_1 has. Latest Unique Kills. Tony5 Killed Reeyena 5 minutes ago. SupZeroOoo Killed Underworld Cowking (STR) 8 minutes ago. Thorgan Killed Crystal 2 (INT) 9 minutes ago. Linh_ Killed Uruchi (STR) 12 minutes ago. SaFLa Killed Underworld Cowking (INT) 15 minutes ago. Cupid Killed Underworld Manho (STR) 19 minutes ago Silkroad Online private servers 330 - Experience: x750 - Party Experience: x800 - Skill Points: x150 - Item Drop Rate: x100 - Gold Drop Rate: x50 - Battle Arena CTF - Free Silk - Vote4Silk - Silk Lucky Scroll Trade System Old Scholl Join Now #8. Votes: 0 [ SROMANIA ] a SRO-R Private Server. A quest based server, that allows you to actually enjoy Silkroad instead of boting :D You wont.

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Silkroad Online(Korean: 실크로드 온라인) is a fantasy MMORPG set in the 7th century AD, along the Silk Road between China and Europe. Silkroad Online KR is created by Joymax Silkroad Online (med forkortelsen SRO) er et MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Spillet er laget med inspirasjon fra Silk Road (et nettverk av handleruter mellom Kina og Europa). Silkroad Online krever ingen månedsavgift og er helt gratis å spille, men det selges derimot In-Game Items som kan betales med valutaen kalt Silk som koster fra og med 27,- kroner fra laveste. Hưởng dẫn cho bạn nào thích chơi online qua Himachi: khi ta cai Himachi thi mỗi máy có đị chỉ IP khác nhau: lưu ý khí chép game sang để máy khác chơi là file đả sửa IP media.pk2 rồi nhe, (máy minh phải chạy sever thì may khách mới vào được) Các Bạn nghỉ sao vể ảnh này Silkroad Online Server | BlackRogue 100 Cap | x4 rates , CIS server with RU community ROC items for JOB coins . SPONSORED 51 DuckRoad. VERY STABLE (99,9% UPTIME) • Highrate • Active Community • Friendly GMs • Powerfull Servers • Vote for Free-Silk • Fast download • 0 Votes: 52 Syntix Online; The Journey Begins [GRAND OPENING] [FRIDAY 25/09/2020 20:00 HS Server Time] [D10] [CH. ka_airgarden - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6. ka_airgarden. Mostly based of Silkroad online. This map is based on a place from the MMORPG Silkroad Online called air gardens.I have found the textures and decided to make a simillar replica to it.The map is slightly different from the original place in SIlkroad,but it mostly resembles it

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Hướng dẫn ép Cánh 3 (Wing 3) Mu Online. Hướng dẫn chi tiết cách ép Cánh 3 (Wing 3) trong game Mu Online: cánh cuồng phong, cánh thiên sứ, cánh ngũ sắc, cánh lôi vũ, cánh phượng hoàng, áo choàng đế vương, áo choàng đại tướng Silkroad Ghost. 7,929 likes · 5 talking about this. GhostGN es un server de Silkroad con rates medios a largo plazo basado en actividades como CTF, BA, FTw, Job, Medusa, Temple, Unicos y más

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International Silkroad Forum :: Silkroad Online all versions :: Character Development. Page 1 of 1. European Character - Full Str or Full Int? by Coyote. Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:42 am. Hello everyone!, I come with a little request from you, I really can't decide what character should i take, i have three Options - 1. Go with 1 Hand / 2 Hand Warrior with cleric subclass, or just 2 Hand / cleric or 1. Walkthrough - FAQ Walkthrough for Silkroad Online PC: Page 1+++++RenamonFOXs FAQ for SilkRoad Online for the PC+++++Version 3.0004/03/07 - Inclusion of European characters and Intensity successVersion 2.0207/21/07Version 2.0106/28/06Version 2.0006/21/06version 1.0506/20/06version 1.0406/18/06version 1.0306/16/06version 1.0206/15/06version 1.0106/14/06version 1.0006/06/06CitanulCitnamor-AT. The Care Transition Specialist develops a resource database, coordinates discharge resources per patient, arranges appointments and assists in facilitating treatment through communications to other disciplines and external agencies. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work or a related field. A certified Social Worker (CSW) certification is desired. Benefits. silkroad online,silk road,silkroad online 2020,silkroad online mobile,silkroad pvp,silkroad private server 2020,silkroad online pvp,silkroad 2020,silkroad ga... FuryCenter updated their cover photo. December 24, 2020 · FuryCenter. December 17, 2020 · Hello dear players; We have released a new update: Trade gold profit have been increased again. Two Unique Angry Santa , Strong Senior.

cabal online - private servers, guides, free servers. cabal world - high rate server easy start, weekly comptetitive rankings with selectable rewards packages, craft overhaul, engaging wars, bind and unbind and slot option remove system, merit mastery for pvp and pve, explicit droplist, bazaar, dungeon finish and online time ecoins, constant updates with new content,long term serve Eternal Pirates Online. Details New Private Server with Alot of Unique Features, Friendly Experienced GM Team Come And Join Us Now. IN. 39. OUT. 117. 7. Tales of Pirates Mobile Private Server. Details Tales of Pirates First Mobile Private ServerExp Rate 15x Party Rate 20xDrop Rate 10xFairy Rate 100x Silkroad Online Cap 130 Private Servers. Find the best Silkroad Online Cap 130 Private Servers in one list - Top 100 Sro Servers. We have 366 Servers in our list atm, 21 of which are online right now with a total of 5979 Players Private servers, guides, free servers, information. 1. Details. iRose Online - CodeZero. Offline vending,Background rendering, Costume and costume set system,Character title system,InGame Item Mall,Multiple SkillBars,Discord RichPresence plugin,Account Guard system,Quest Board,Daily Challenges,And all the other games existing features iRose ver Silkroad Online; Star Wars Galaxies; Travian; Ultima Online ; World of Kung Fu; World of Warcraft; Shaiya Immortals Episode 5. Released on 15th May, Episode 5, x150 EXP, x1 KILL, DDoS Protected, Unique Server with lot of awesome and cool scripts like Stigma system, Artifact slot, Emoji, Teleport system, Join now in the most played Ep 5 # # Shaiya Blackmountain. 2021-06-14 14:20:57 Dieser.

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Anarchy MuOnline Start 19.13.2021 20:00 UTC +2 Season 6 Exp: Dynamic 50-35x Drop: 35% Gameplay: 80 rr MAX Points after reset: 500 Max Level: 400 Max Item Level: 15 Max Add on Items: 28 NON PVP Maps: Losttower, Aida Feather & Crest - Drop only in Icarus Party Exp System. Votes 46 GM commands can be entered mainly in 2 ways. Either by typing it directly into the world console window. In the world console window the leading dot (.) is not mandantory, but you can use it. The other way is using the gm command ingame in the chat console of the wow client. There, all commands must start with a leading dot, f.ex.: .gm on Details Dark Iris Online Daily Events, amp Updates, 1000+ players Lv90 Circus, Latest Maps - Custom Epics - Latest Mounts/Costumes - 15x EXP/SXP, Drops, Gold, 40x Quest EXP/Gold, Safe enchants, no items destroyed, 65Newbie packCustom ShopLvl 35,45,55, Over 2500 actyve memb Manages and maintains the University's scholarship system and institutional/external scholarships. Coordinates with external departments, including but not limited to academic departments, Athletics, University Advancement, Development Office, One Stop and external agencies, to authorize award nominations based on financial need, enrollment, and other requirements Memories Online is a 80 CAP, Only CH server without bots. There are alot of features enabled including CTF, BA, Fortress War, new uniques, job rewards and more. Silks are completely free, joining this server will give you the best old school feeling you ever had since years! Silkroad Top 100, 200 server, Silkroad Private Server, silkroad server

SilkRoad NoObz:MapsJorvik in plan view | BUG [star stable online] - YouTubeGuide : Mise à jour « Trafic d&#39;armes » - GTA Online - GTA

First topic message reminder : Đồ D14 nha k có đá dành cho D14 thui full skill 120 Map jupiter datbase chạy trên nền SQL 2012 vẫn còn 1 số bug vd như là cửa hàng 1Gold thì k mua đượ Silkroad Online (Também conhecido como SRO, Coreano: 실크로드 온라인) é um MMORPG criado pela empresa Sul-Coreana Joymax.Tendo sua versão beta sido lançada na Coreia do Sul em 11 de Novembro de 2003, o título se tornou bastante popular no Oriente, principalmente no seu país de origem e China [1], já que seu enredo está diretamente ligado a parte da história chinesa 50 Details. RebirthRO.com RebirthRO free ragnarok online Private server New renewal 3rd jobs Rebellion Kagerou Oboro server named Thor 100 100 10 2. Two classic servers Loki 100 100 20 and Eir 5 5 3. 1000+ players online. 100,000 active players. secure website. Free Pokemon pets. 24/7 uptime. Active WoE and BG When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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