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Here is how to apply for Short Term M-Pesa PayBill number fo your business: 1. Go to the Mpesa Short Term Paybill website ( https://selfservice.m-pesaforbusiness.co.ke/LNM/) 2. Click on the Apply Now button. 3. You must select Short Term Paybill. 4. Under the categories, select the Short Term. The Pay Bill service is a cash collection service that allows your organisation to collect money on a regular basis from your customers through M-PESA Through PayBill numbers, you are able to serve your clients much better as your customers are able to pay for services with ease and timeliness PayBill is a cash collection service that allows your organisation to collect money on a regular basis from your customers through M-PESA. Uses of the PayBill Service Utility bills - water, power, Pay TV. Rent payments - Lipa Kod How To Register For An M-Pesa Till Number or M-Pesa Paybill Number To register your organization or business or for an M-PESA Paybill or Till Number which are both available under the 'Lipa Na M-PESA' option in your M-Pesa menu, simply: Dial *100# with your Safaricom line and select the 'M-Pesa' option. Next, select 'M-PESA Products' If you want to pay DTB via paybill number, follow the basic steps below: 1. On your phone, open your Mpesa menu. 2. Tap on Lipa Na Mpesa. 3. After that, select Paybill. 4. Enter 516600 as the DTB paybill number. 5. Follow the rest of the options on the M-Pesa menu. 6. Enter your DTB Mpesa PIN and.

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Select Lipa Na Mpesa. Then click Paybill; Enter BetLion Paybill Number 212927; The account number is your registered BetLion number; Enter the amount you wish to deposit. Then enter your MPESA PIN; Confirm the Mpesa transaction; Your BetLion account will be credited instantly. Note that sometimes it may take up to 30 minutes for the cash to reflect in the BetLion account. Contact BetLion Kenya. PayBill is a cash collection service that allows your organisation to collect money on a regular basis from your customers through M-PESA. We helped Simon Makamuzi 123 figure out on which way for his business. Till Number on the other hand is a service that allows customers to pay for goods and services LIPA NA M-PESA REQUIREMENTS (2019) 1. Duly filled and signed application form & Terms and Conditions 2. Copy of identification documents of persons opening the account i.e Go to your Safaricom Menu Select Mpesa Choose Lipa Na Mpesa Option Select PayBill Option Type your Business Number (specific Bank PayBill No.) Key in your Bank account number Enter The amount you wish to deposit to your account Key in your Mpesa Secret PIN Number and click 'OK' You will receive two.

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You are here: Home / Mpesa Paybill. MPESA TRANSACTION AUTOMATION. Town Office. Physical Address: Caxton house, Standard street ,opposite Bruce House Tel: +254 727 411269. UTAWALA OFFICE. Physical Address: Bonisusa house. Next to KCB BANK, Opposite AP Training College Tel: +254 719 577 339. VHS HQ. Physical Address: Holy Trinity Kariobangi Catholic Parish, Kamunde road, off outering road, Tel. Enter MPESA Pin and press send You will receive a confirmation message from MPESA that the amount has been received by Jubilee Insurance. Do not delete the MPESA message because you are required to forward it to Jubilee when need arises. Jubilee is one of the best insurance companies for medical covers E.G COUNTIES on Mpesa paybill Application. Duly filled and signed application form &Terms and conditions; Signed Tariff Guide for mpesa paybill application. Letter from the County Committee Executive signed by at least 2 officials stating: a. Authority to open a paybill account or Transact business on behalf of the company b. Appointed persons having signatory authority and provide copie If you want to pay Jambojet via paybill number, follow the basic steps below: 1. On your phone, open your Mpesa menu. 2. Tap on Lipa Na Mpesa. 3. After that, select Paybill. 4. Enter 737700 as the Jambojet paybill number. 5. Follow the rest of the options on the M-Pesa menu. 6. Enter your Jambojet. Stanbic Bank Kenya Paybill Number. Having a Stanbic PayBill number is the first thing you have to consider for you to perform or transfer of money to your Mpesa from your bank account. The Stanbic Bank Mpesa Paybill Number is 600100. How to Deposit Money to Stanbic Bank Account from M-PESA. Go to M-PESA menu, select Lipa na Mpesa.

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By making payments to banks via Mpesa paybill you can be able to pay for services with ease and convenience. Safaricom's payment solutions have simplified transactions of small and bulk payments 24/7. You can always use Mpesa paybill for banks to deposit money into most banks. USSD codes are for Bank to Mpesa Transfers The MPESA Paybill Number for Kimisitu Sacco is 911200.When you are paying for registration or regular contributions, that's the paybill number to use. How to Pay via the MPESA Paybill Number. Go to MPESA; Select Lipa Na MPESA; Select Paybill; Enter Business Number(911200) Enter Account Number(Member Number) Enter Amount(eg Ksh 3,000) Enter MPESA pin and press send. You will receive SMS. Choose Paybill Option. Enter Business Number as 600100 (600100 is Stanbic Bank Paybill Number) For the Account Number enter Stanbic Bank account number where you want the money deposited. Enter the amount you want to send to Stanbic Bank. Enter your Mpesa pin and Confirm transaction. Mpesa to Stanbic Stanbic Paybill Stanbic Paybill Number

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DSTV M-Pesa Paybill Number: How to make an M-Pesa payment. Go to your Phone's toolkit and click on Safaricom. Select M-Pesa then 'Lipa na Mpesa'. Choose 'Pay Bill'. Key in the DStv M-Pesa paybill number, 444900. Key in your DStv account number. Do not confuse this with the smart card number. Key in the amount you wish to pay for With Mpesa's increasing popularity around the globe, Safaricom has moved to make it easier for individuals to obtain the mpesa shortcodes (Paybill/Till numbers). Initially, you had to make several trips to their shops in order to get your shortcode. Nowadays, the process has been pretty much streamlined. In fact, you can do the entire process. Enter promo code 3FREE for your first 3 fee free International money transfers. It's fast, secure and flexible to use. Sign up online or download our app today List of Kenyan Bank Mpesa Paybill Numbers. By moneyinsyder. In order to transfer money from mpesa to a bank account, you'll be required to know the banks paybill number. This article has listed mpesa paybill numbers for all banks in Kenya. BANK NAME: PAYBILL NUMBER: Equity Bank: 247247: ABSA BANK: 303030: NCBA: 880100: NCBA LOOP: 714777 : CFC Stanbic Bank: 600100: Standard Chartered: 329329. Safaricom Lipa na Mpesa Paybill Charges for 2021 Chart Rate and calculator.. With the current advancement in mobile money transactions methodology, there has been a steady rise in business sales and services. The Safaricom Lipa Na Mpesa and paybill charges 2021 chart rate calculator is the formula for money transactions in East Africa

GOtv Mpesa paybill number in Kenya Source: UGC. GOtv M-Pesa paybill number. The GOtv M-Pesa paybill number is 423655 and here is how you can use it to pay for your subscription. The GOtv M-pesa paybill no. is used to pay for the subscription of your GOtv connection through M-Pesa. Your account number and the GOtv paybill number are needed to pay for your GOtv subscription. There are many other. Go to Mpesa menu and choose 'Pay Bill'. 2. Key in the Postpay Paybill number which is 200 200. 3. Key in your phone number as the account number. 4. Key in the amount you wish to pay for. 5 Here is how you can do Mpesa Paybill Application goodluck. SOLE PROPRIETOR Duly filled and signed application form &Terms and conditionsSigned Tariff GuideCopy of Business Registration/or Business PermitIndividual or company KRA Pin (Not Mandatory)Copy of Identification Documents of Persons Opening the account i.e .Copy of the National ID/ Military Service Number (Passport/Alien Certificate. M-PESA is a mobile money transfer service in Kenya, it's one of the best online payment options. Anyone can send money in all over Kenya through MPESA Choose Lipa Na Mpesa; Select Paybill; Input SGR online Paybill No. 809888. Input the Account No. (should be your ticker number as shown in the screen) Enter the applicable amount and click confirm. Wait for the Confirmation SMS from safaricom Mpesa. That's how to book SGR online and pay via Paybill. You will shortly receive your SGR booking number and tickets via SMS. SGR tickets booking.

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  1. NSSF Kenya » Growing you for good » M-PESA Contribution Procedures. You can now make contributions directly into your NSSF account through M-PESA. This is a fast, easy and convenient way to increase your contributions through your mobile phone. Simply follow the instructions listed below to do so
  2. MPESA PAYBILL SERVICES INTRODUCTION OF THE MPESA PAY BILL SERVICE MPESA pay bill service is a mobile banking facility that we are offering our members to enable them make payments through MPESA using their mobile phones at the comfort of their homes. PROCEDURE OF PAYMENTS THROUGH MPESA 1. You need to be an M-PESA registered customer as the service is available for M-PESA registered users only.
  3. Mpesa Xpress Transfer to Account. Please complete the form below to transact
  4. Mpesa Short Term Paybill: How to Open an Account to Raise Funds. Last Updated on: May 3, 2020 by Rafa'el. When you are in urgent need of money, it is crucial to have as many avenues of collecting money from donors as possible. That is why the M-Pesa short term pay bill comes in play. With the online process, you do not need to download the M-Pesa Paybill application form or drop the duly.

How to deposit to your Equity Bank account with Mpesa. Select Mpesa from your Safaricom menu.; Choose the Lipa na M-PESA option Select Pay Bill. Enter Equity bank Mpesa Paybill number 247247 and press Okay; Enter your Equity bank account number, or the account number that you want to transfer money from Mpesa to eg 1010189804 To send money from Mpesa to Diamond Trust Bank, you need to know your bank account number and DTB's Mpesa Paybill number which is 516600. Below is a simple guideline on how to complete the process. 1. Go to your Mpesa Menu. 2. Select Lipa na Mpesa. 3. Select Paybill. 4. Enter 516600 as the Business number. 5. Enter your DTB Bank Account Number. 6. Enter the amount you would like to deposit. Once you have the DStv paybill business number, proceed as follows to pay your monthly subscription charges. Visit your phone's toolkit and click on Safaricom. Choose M-Pesa, and then go to Lipa na Mpesa. Select Pay Bill and proceed to; Enter the DStv M-Pesa paybill number, 444900. This is the official DStv paybill number in Kenya

How to Pay HELB Loan through M-pesa HELB paybill number. Go to M-PESA menu, select Pay Bill. Enter 200800 for HELB business number. Your account number is your National ID number. Enter amount to pay. Enter M-PESA PIN. Double-check your details, if OK hit SEND/OK. Wait for the MPESA transaction confirmation SMS 4 Letter Code. Pay your bill with MPESA. Go to M-PESA on your phone. Select Lipa na M-PESA. Select Pay Bill option. Enter Business no. 220220. Enter the four letter code of the provider followed by your Account No. e.g. PAWA123456789, KPLC12345-1, ORPP123454. Enter the Amount with wish to pay. Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send

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  1. How to Pay NHIF Penalty Via M-Pesa Paybill. Sometimes you can forget to pay your NHIF monthly contribution if you are self-employed, which results in a penalty of Ksh 250. Here is how you can pay the penalty via Mpesa: 1. Go to M-Pesa and click Lipa na M-Pesa 2. Enter 200222 as the NHIF Business number. 3. For account Details, enter your National ID number then add the letter Y at the end.
  2. Step by step on how to buy Airtel Kenya Credit from MPESA Paybill Number. On your Safaricom phone, go to the M-Pesa Menu. Then select the Pay Bill option. Input respective business or Paybill number such as 220220. Enter your Account No. AIRTXXXXXX (Where XXXXXX is your Airtel Mobile number) i.e. AIRT0733000000 if your phone number.
  3. SportPesa Paybill Number - How to Deposit using Mpesa and Airtel Money. The next step after registration of your account is to deposit money into the account. This is easily done using Mpesa and Airtel. You just need to open your phone menu and use the paybill number that was sent to your phone during the registration process
  4. Mpesa reversal.Get to know how to do an M-Pesa reversal for wrong number,wrong MPesa paybill,wrong Mpesa till,wrong Mpesa agent and timelimit. Skip to content. June 14, 2021 . Latest: Jumia Anniversary 2021:Flash Sales,Discounts,Great Deals LIVE NOW!! Turkey vs Italy TV channel, Kick-off time, Venue and Live stream ; Euro 2020 TV Schedule: All TV channels showing the Euro 2020[2021] Easy Guide.
  5. Find Ecobank Mpesa Paybill Number here. You can use M-PESA bank paybill numbers to deposit money into a number of banks in Kenya. The USSD codes are used for Bank to Mpesa Transfers and bank paybill number from M-pesa to the bank account. Find the Ecobank Mpesa paybill number and USSD below: M-PESA to Bank PayBill Number: 700201. USSD for Bank to M-PESA: *335# Elimu Centre. Elimu Centre is.
  6. Your Mpesa mobile number is your Betin username. This is why it is very important to always use your mobile phone whenever you deposit into your SportPesa, Mcheza, Elitebet or any of the other betting sites in Kenya. The money you deposit into Betin Kenya using Mpesa Betin paybill number i

Helb Paybill Number: Helb disburses loans and scholarships to Kenyan students pursuing higher education in recognized institutions as well as recover loaned out funds to establish a revolving fund. Helb provides a simple and secure mobile platform for Helb loan repayments using the Helb Mpesa paybill number, Airtel money, Equity bank ATM and PesaPoint ATM Safaricom Paybill Number (M-pesa Paybill no.) Updated Sportpesa Mpesa Paybill Number: Deposit Money to Sportpesa via Mpesa ; KPLC Bill Enquiry - How to Check Kenya Power Bill Online (E-bill) Mpesa Paybill Numbers - Safaricom Paybill Numbers ; Mpesa Rates 2018 - Safaricom Mpesa Charges and Tariffs (Withdrawal and Transfer Pay KCB mpesa loan using paybill number. To repay your KCB mpesa loan using paybill no 522559 follow the steps below. open mpesa on your phone. Select Lipa na mpesa on your mpesa menu. Choose Paybill option. Enter business number 522559. Account number enter your phone number 07** *** ***. Input amount to pay

MPESA Paybill Charges. MPESA Paybill Charges. May 12, 2018. 38264. When depositing and withdrawing money via MPESA Paybill number,you incur costs.The charges vary depending on the amount to transact.Below we present tariffs for varying amount of money transacted via MPESA Paybill Safaricom's PAYBILL service is by far the most convenient and popular mode of payment available here in Kenya. It's almost impossible nowadays to find a business establishment in the country that doesn't accept MPESA payments and for a good reason; it's popular, cashless and its right on your mobile phone

Mpesa Paybill is a cash collection service that allows your business to collect money from your customers through M-PESA. If you considering getting a Mpesa pay bill number for your business, know that the process is straightforward. All that is needed is to fulfil a few requirements. Below we will discuss how to get a Mpesa pay bill number for your business in Kenya. How to get Mpesa Pay Bill. Betika MPESA Paybill Number is 290290.This is the Paybill number you will use to deposit money into your Betika account. Here is how to deposit the money into the player account through Betika Paybill Number. You will receive a confirmation message from Betika that the amount has been received, go ahead and place your bet UN SACCO Kenya MPESA Paybill Number. November 30, 2019. 219. UN SACCO Kenya Paybill Number is 528700. The SACCO allows members to deposit money via the MPESA Paybill number and the procedure for depositing is: Go to MPESA. Select Lipa Na MPESA. Select Paybill

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Mpesa to KCB: How to Deposit Money to KCB via Mpesa. Go to your M-PESA menu. Enter KCB paybill number 522522. Then enter the KCB account number to transfer money to. Enter the amount to send. Then enter your M-PESA PIN. Confirm that all details you have entered are correct, then send the money. Wait for the MPESA transaction confirmation SMS Select Lipa Na Mpesa. Select Paybill. Enter Paypal Paybill number: 800088. Enter your phone number as the Account Number. Enter the Amount you are transferring. Enter your Mpesa pin. Confirm the details if correct. Confirm Mpesa transaction. The transaction will be subject to charges according to the New Mpesa rates 2021 from Safaricom. Key Points to note: Top ups to your PayPal account are. Kasneb has issued their new MPESA Paybill number.The body reiterated that any number part from the one indicated below should not be used to pay examination fees. Here is what the body said; This is to remind all students that the kasneb paybill number is 832222. Please note that kasneb does not have a till number and any till number fronted online to be kasneb's is fake. Follow the steps. How to submit NSSF contributions via mpesa paybill. Follow these steps to pay for nssf via mpesa paybill: Go to Your Mpesa Menu and Select Lipa na Mpesa. Select Pay Bill. Enter Business number: 333300. Enter account no: Your NSSF Number. Enter the amount you wish to pay for (Between ksh. 200 to 70,000) Enter Mpesa Pin Deposit Money into Stima Sacco Account via Mpesa Follow this Steps to deposit money into Stima Sacco account using Lipa Na M-Pesa Paybill number 523500 Go to M-PESA menu, select Lipa na M-PesaSelect PaybillSelect Enter business no. and enter the Stima Sacco Lipa na M-Pesa paybill number 523500 and press OKSelect Enter account no i.e

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DEPOSIT MONEY USING PAYBILL 1. Go to M-PESA, then select LIPA na M-PESA 2. Select PAY BILL 3. Enter 850436 as the Business Number 4. For payments into DEPOSITS, Enter your ID NO followed by the short code DEP, e.g. 00000DEP 5. For LOAN Repayments enter Your ID NO followed by the short code for the type of loan you ar Mpesa paybill No: 4024059, Account number is your phone number. Buy Airtime to Any Network for FREE! Dial *264# or use Mpesa paybill No: 4024059, Account number is your phone number. Buy airtime for others. Buy airtime for myself. About Us. Mawingu Airtime Limited operates under the trade name Credo Faster. It's core business is to sell Electronic Airtime for all networks in Kenya; Safaricom. Open your Mpesa Menu then select Lipa na Mpesa. Choose Paybill Option. Enter Business Number as 852552 (852552 is Showmax Paybill Number) For the Account Number Enter the Phone Number Linked to your Showmax Account. Enter the amount you want to Pay. Enter your Mpesa pin. The amount will then be paid Instantly MPesa Paybill & Till Number Integration (C2B, B2B, B2C, Lipa na MPesa) KSh 50,000.00 KSh 25,000.00. Share: Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest. At FutureVH, we work with startups, SMEs, NGOs and big corporations to enhance their M-PESA Paybill/Till functionality, speed up the payment process, reconcile payment records and get closer to their clientele. Our MPESA integration services.

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MPESA Charges. Below, you can find a breakdown of MPESA charges in 2021. Min (Kshs.) Max (Kshs.) Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Kenya in March 2020, the maximum amount per transaction was Kenya shillings 70,000 and the maximum amount of money you could transfer to other M-PESA users for free was Kshs 100. Also, the maximum account balance was. After Safaricom issues you a paybill, the paybill owner should get access to an Mpesa portal for that paybill, however, if that is not the case, then you will have to ask Safaricom to create for you a Business Admin for that paybill. You can do that by preparing a letter (addressed to Safaricom) with the below details on a company letter head, signed and stamped by top management. Organization. how to pay application fee using mpesa paybill through co-operative bank collection account steps. 1) go to 'lipa na mpesa' 2) select 'pay bill' 3) enter business number '400222 4) enter account number as below: 2524# (university code) followed by your name (eg 2524#john peter) 5) enter fees amount 6) enter your mpesa pin 7) confirm transaction 8) receive sms confirming the payment. Using the NHIF mpesa paybill number, we guide you on how to pay for NHIF. The NHIF mpesa paybill number is 200222. Self-employed and other NHIF users can easily pay for their monthly subscriptions via mpesa from the comfort of their houses. The mpesa payment method for NHIF is only allowed for self-employed and voluntary contributors only

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How to Pay DStv via Mpesa. Choose Pay Bill. Enter the DStv Mpesa pay bill number 444900. Enter your DStv Smart Card number (written on the card in the decoder) Next, enter the amount to pay. Enter your M-Pesa Pin. Confirm if the information is correct and click OK to complete the M-PESA transaction. You will receive a confirmation SMS, upon. If you are interested in Mpesa Paybill registration, the documents needed to apply for Paybill and how to pay for bills such as NHIF, Zuku, water bills, GOTV among 0thers then read on.. What is PayBill? PayBill is an entire cash collection service that allows your business to collect payments on a systematic way from your customers through M-PESA MPESA Paybill Number:270988. Account: Existing Students put your Student Registration/Admission number; Registering Students without registration number use the reference number on your letter of offer; Applicants: use the ID number; After Payment kindly validate your account with GT-Bank system by clicking the link below, always download your receipt. New applicants and reporting students. Go to M-PESA on your phone menu Check into Payment Services menu Select PayBill Enter the Business Number of the service provider you want to make payments to. Enter the Account Number of the bill you wish to pay Enter the amount you want to pay Enter your Secret M-PESA PIN Confirm if the details. Jumia Paybill Number | How to Pay Jumia via Mpesa 1. Go to Mpesa menu and choose 'Pay Bill' 2. Key in the Jumia mpesa business paybill number which is 510800 3. Enter JUMIA as the account numbe

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Buy airtime from M-PESA using the paybill 777711. I have shown you before that you can also buy airtime for your Telkom Kenya line via M-PESA using the Pesapal Paybill number 220220. For you to get the airtime bonus I am writing about in this post, you have to use the 777711 Paybill number when making your purchase how much is Safaricom Lipa na M-PESA charges to paybill and buy goods till number Last Update: May 30th, 2020. Lipa na M-PESA Payment Type: Mgao e.g. Kenya Power, DStv, Zuku. Business Bouquet e.g. VituMob. Customer Bouquet e.g. Banks, eCitizen. Buy Goods Till - Supermarkets, Vendors. Buy Goods Till - Fueling Stations . Lipa na M-PESA Amount: KSh. Calculate. Customer Transaction Cost: KSh 0.00. Send to Paybill Number. Disburse funds instantly to any MPESA Paybill Number. Send to Till Number. Disburse funds instantly to any MPESA Till Number. Business Travel. Plan all your business travel on one platform Book Flights, Hotels and Airport Transfers. Book a business flight. Find affordable flights to all the top local and international destinations with our large inventory of flights. Select Lipa na Mpesa. 3. Select Paybill. 4. Enter 303030 as the Business number. 5. Enter your 10 digit account number. 6. Enter the amount you would like to deposit into your account. 7. Enter your PIN and press OK. 8. You will receive a transaction confirmation message from Mpesa and Absa Bank. The maximum amount you can deposit to your account using Mpesa is Ksh 150,000 per transaction. If.

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Does it support Mpesa Till and Paybill API ? No, this is a plugin for direct payments by sending money from one customer number to the store owner number or business phone number. The most basic way to send payment from one person to another using Mpesa send money feature. Recensioni . Awesome plugin for small ecommerce platforms. Elgwaro 1 Gennaio 2021. Came across this plugin when trying to. Pay College Fee via Mpesa Paybill - Friends College Kaimosi. This is to inform you that you can now pay your College fees using M-pesa via the Business number 522123 for FRIENDS COLLEGE KAIMOSI using the following procedure: GO TO M-PESA. SELECT LIPA NA M-PESA KUCCPS Paybill Number - Mpesa Payment Procedure Go to M-PESA on your phone. Select Pay Bill option Enter Business no. 820201 Enter 4 digits Exam Year followed by 11 Digits Index Number as your account number. e.g 201812345678901 Enter the Amount Enter your M-PESA PIN Send.You will receive two. Before integrating a website, an app or system with the Mpesa API, first, register for a Mpesa Paybill account for your business. Back End Development. We write code for Mpesa API integration with the system. API has a host of programming languages on board for, example, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby. The integration comes with a user-friendly dashboard with insights on revenue & expenditure.

GOtv Paybill Number: How to Pay for Packages via MPesa + Contacts for Kenya. The GOtv paybill number is 423655. You can use it to pay your package or subscription bill. After paying via Mpesa, you can change your package via SMS, through self-service or by calling the GOtv customer care contacts +254 711 066 000 or +254 711 066 555 KRA MPESA PAYBILL NUMBER is one of the reckoned innovation at the Kenya Revenue Authority. Taxpayer convenience is one of the benefits of this technology. Settle your bills using our comprehensive guide on KRA Mpesa Paybill. Free subscription Get the news that matters from one of the leading news sites in Kenya. Be the first to get hottest news from our Editor-in-Chief Please use a valid email.

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The Equity bank Mpesa pay bill number allows you to create a deposit into an Equity bank account securely, at your preference, and with total satisfaction. How to Use Equity Bank Paybill Number for Mpesa to Equity Bank Account. Select Mpesa from your phone's Safaricom menu. Then choose Lipa na M-PESA. Choose Pay Bill. Get electricity tokens or pay power bill using Pesapal MPESA paybill number 220220! Settle electricity bills online in Kenya with debit card today Betika MPESA Paybill Number. Betika MPESA Paybill Number. February 15, 2018. 9297. Share. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. Telegram. Betika is one of the betting sites in Kenya which offers you a chance to bet and receive money through their MPESA Paybill number.The company's Paybill number is 290290. If you have just joined, here is how to bet: Anyone above 18years of age can play as many times. Betway mpesa paybill, Betway airtel paybill number, or bank cards. For a better experience, while making your payments, MPesa always leads as it is a dominant banking option. Therefore mastering the Betway paybill number and the entire payment procedure would be a milestone for all users. With MPesa transactions, users are also allowed to conduct online payment using this procedure; One needs.

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NCBA Bank Account PayBill Number is 880100. Below is how to deposit money to your NCBA account from your Mpesa using NCBA Bank Paybill Number 880100, here's how you can do i Download Mpesa Paybill apk 2.7 for Android. This is an application for Mpesa paybill operators to view payment To deposit money into Betika MPESA paybill number, follow these steps: Go to the Mpesa Menu, Go to Lipa na Mpesa, Go to pay bill number enter business number (290290) Enter account no (BETIKA ) Enter the amount you wish to deposit Enter Your Pin and sen Hazina Sacco Mpesa Paybill number 850436 M-pesa Paybill Services. Members can make deposits and loan repayments through Mpesa Paybill No. 850436. Instructions on how to deposit money using PAYBILL. Go to M-PESA , then select LIPA na M-PESA; select PAYBILL; Enter 850436 as the Business Number; for payments into DEPOSITS ,Enter your ID NO followed by the alphabet DEP, eg 00000DEP; For LOAN.

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