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Once you've posted the ANN translation in your language as a post opening a new local thread on Bitcointalk and other forums, post links to the posts to this bounty thread (either one by one, or all in one post if you've posted all at once). Then we will be checking the corresponding threads on a regular basis to make sure your activity in moderation / community management suits your task's requirements It is done by creating bounty campaign announcements in the Bounty section of Bitcointalk. Aside from signature campaign, translations of threads into other languages is another way of growing members. It's a good practice to translate ANN threads into their native languages and post them in appropriate segments (local) when the project is working with a multilingual audience ITALIAN BOUNTY BOUNTY THREAD- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3914594 ITALIAN ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3759023: 9000 JOY Everything you need to know about the adbank bounty program including options for Twitter, Bitcointalk.org, Reddit and translation

By carrying out bounty tasks you will receive bounty-stakes, which are shared in the following categories: twitter, facebook, bitcointalk signature campaign, bitcointalk translation and moderation, writing blog posts and posting articles in popular media. At the end of the WATER ICO we will distribute 4.7% of the total token circulation up to 2 500 000 WATER tokens correspondingly to your. Translation of Bitcointalk Announcements and Bitcoin Threads. Programs that offer this bounty has a list of languages they accept and typically has the highest payout. It would be best if you were careful to preserve each text's original meaning during translation and be a native or fluent speaker of the language you choose to translate. Before publication, the translation has to be reviewed by a reviewer or coordinator, after which team leaders will be alerted that a particular. ANN Translation: Bounty Thread Translation: Whitepaper: Moderation week 1: Moderation week 2: Moderation week 3: Moderation week 4: Moderation week 5: Moderation week 6: Moderation week 7: Moderation week 8: Total stakes: Reward UAH: ETH wallet: T

Terawatt Bounty campaign. Automation for bitcointalk, twitter, facebook and telegram. Bounty pool size, start and end dates, join forms and spreadsheets, the organizer for hunter The bounty program will not take away from any funds raised in the token sale. The tokens will be distributed across 8 campaigns: Bitcointalk.org signature and reply campaign — 20% (1,000,000 LION) Contributed Content, Blogs and media publications — 15% (750,000 LION) Translation — 5% (250,000 LION Bitcointalk 65% Altcoinstalks 35% Bitcointalk: First 6 /8 approved Legendary members, 22 /22 Hero members, 35 /35 Senior members, 22 /22 Full members and 10 /10 Members. Altcointalks: First 16 /16 approved Legendary members, 25 /25 Hero members, 25 /25 Senior members and 15 /15 Full members.--> Clicking on the week you want to report will open the report form <--Week 1 (29.01 - 04.02) Week 2.

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Change coin ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2176718. Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2176966. PCC Coin ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2189713. Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2185294. LESCOIN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2191728. Live Stars ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2200113. Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2200640 Translation Campaigns - This bounty consists of translating important documents related to the project in order to ensure global outreach. This commonly includes the ICO Whitepaper, the official website, and the Bitcointalk ANN thread

Then there is Bitcointalk signature bounties which is one of the popular bounty programs. It is open to all the member of Bitcointalk and here the ICO will provide you with the code. All you have to do is use the signature in your Bitcointalk profile. Translation bounty involves translating of project documents such as whitepaper, announcement and other marketing materials. In addition to. An ICO bounty campaign is an approach created by startups, websites, and bitcoin loophole software developers which gives ability to the people to receive a recognition and compensation for executing marketing tasks, translation, signature campaign, or social media campaigns. The membership in campaigns is being rewarded with tokens offered for sale during an ICO. Each user can join in a bounty campaign and get a reward after the ICO Actions: Stakes: Facebook profile link: Friends: Actions: Stakes: WEEK 1: WEEK 2: WEEK 3: WEEK 4: WEEK 5: WEEK 6: WEEK 7: Total stakes: Total REAL tokens: ETH Address. GENERAL RULES. ️ We are allocating 100.000 worth of PLAS token. ️ Bounty will run from June 06, 2021 - August 06, 2021. ️ The token distribution process to participants (our supporters) will be arranged and carried out by the Plastic Finance team. ️ Does not send bounty issues and is strictly forbidden to send spam messages in global groups ICO Bounty campaigns listing - active Bounty programs and Bounty campaigns with review, sorted by Bounty type.| Bounty listing. We are planning to update ICOnow until 1 April read more. Hom

Publish to the w eb. Document details ( B) L anguage. Spreadsheet settin g s. Print pre v iew. P rint Ctrl+P. E x port options disabled. U ndo Ctrl+Z. R edo Ctrl+Y LAUNCH AN ICO BOUNTY PROGRAM. We help you launch an ICO bounty program. We take care of all the work. We monitor your ICO campaign, we connect with bounty hunters, and we ensure tracking of all bounties. Our compensation is 1% of the ICO coin distribution. To participate, please contact us

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CryptoBountyReview: Latest Bitcointalk Bounty | Altcointalk Bounty. Home; Crypto Airdrop; Bounty Review; Bounty List ; YouTube; Latest Cryptocurrency Bounty Reviews - Earn Free Crypto! Free में कामाते रहो | Earn Free Cryptocurrency Online. Translate. Latest Post. Crypto Bounty Review-February 17, 2021. Cook Protocol a Decentralized Platform Based on Ethereum. Crypto. Signature Bounty Program: As a digital marketer, you will promote projects by assuming the avatar and signature code that advertises the project on crypto related forums like bitcointalk, altcoinstalks etc. The signature design will differ depending on your forum rank, as will the amount of stakes and tokens earned

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Full bounty management and support for hunters Over 30,000 registered bounty hunters are waiting for your successful ico Create a bounty campaign no E LEVEN Bounty - Latest ELV Bounty - Cryptoknowmics is the best cryptocurrency news website that provides news about Latest ELV Bounty , Bounty hunter BTC $39,678.73 -1.66% ETH $2,570.47 -1.89 For bitcointalk bounty program post: Perform translation and post to language specific bitcointalk forum. Post link to translation on the original bitcointalk bounty AND announcement post. Submit. 1,468. We receive numerous report that our local thread in bitcointalk are not being updated regularly by the current translator. Now, we will takeover the translations and opened a new thread for deeponion in the following languages. ~ Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) ~ Philippines. ~ Greek We are looking for active Bitcointalk users to help spread the word about our upcoming ICO. Translation Bounty . We want the Clarity Project to be accessible to all we would love to have you Translate some of our content. the Clarity Whitepaper is a working document so some text may change. When this does you will be notified via email with a version that you can view for the new edits. In.

One of the best ways to get more rewards from bounty hunting is translation campaigns, but because most of the people may not fit into this category (else if you understand some international language aside from English), signature campaigns are very profitable and easy to achieve. First you need a bitcointalk account register at https://bitcointalk.org but some of you will not be able to. I feel the same dude..had you already able to participate on any translation bounty on bitcointalk?..I really wanna give it a shot but i still dont have any exp. Do you it would be possible for me to got this kind of bounty without the portfolio? Email PM Find Rate. Reply Quote. chand99. Registered . Junior #9. 05-07-2017, 01:31 PM . I want to join this program, but i'm noob english haha. Bitcointalk Local Ambassadors — 20%. 20% of the bounty pool will be allocated to the Translation campaign — a reward for translating the original post, and managing POA Network page in the. TomoChain — The Bounty Program for Translation. Are you ready for the first bounty program ever from Tomo team? TomoChain Publisher. Follow. Apr 23, 2018 · 3 min read. Dear TOMO community, Real.

Translation bounty:100.000 coins Compile of Mac/Linux/Raspberry: 500.000 coins WebSite: 10.000.000 coins (Contact team first) Block Explorer: 500.000 coins (Contact team first) 1st Pool:25.000 coins 1st Exchange: 5.000.000 coins (Contact team first) Other bounties: (Contact team first) Curently looking for exhanges and pool Roadmap under. How to Join a Crypto Bounty Campaign on the Bitcointalk Forum . By now, you're probably familiar with the term bounty hunter as it applies to the world of cryptocurrency. In you're not, a crypto bounty hunter is someone who simply performs a task or series of tasks for the end goal of being rewarded a sum of coins or tokens of the project they are helping. During 2017, this practice. Translation Campaign (Bounty Pool = 45,000 Stakes) [Conditions] Translate our main Bitcointalk ANN thread opening post to your language and start a new local thread

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  1. Bounty campaigns: BitcoinTalk signature campaign (+ included design of signature for all ranks); Translation campaign; Social media campaign (facebook, twitter); Extended social media campaign (instagram, linkedin, google+); Youtube campaign; Article/blog campaign; Reddit campaign; Medium campaign; Telegram airdrop. Price: by request. Contact us to get a special offer. E-mail. Name. Phone.
  2. I need help translating the new Bitcointalk op ann to other languages. Please do not use Google Translate. It must be an actual translation. It... Log in or Sign up. ONION Forum. Home Forums > DeepOnion Coin Talk > DeepOnion Talk > DeepVaultOnline.com is Your Reliable Blockchain Digital Certification . Dismiss Notice; 100 ONION Bounty - Help Translate The New Op Ann. Discussion in 'DeepOnion.
  3. Please write ''Translation Bounty'' as the subject title. Facebook Bounties . Follow and Like our Facebook page. Like atleast 3 posts. Comment what you like about Atlas.work on our wall and share our most recent posts on your timeline. The post on our wall must be at least 20 words and be original. If you share to a page with more than 1,000 likes, please specify this in an email to bounty.
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ICO Bounty Archive list archive ICO Bounty programs and Bounty campaigns with review, sorted by Bounty type ICO list and ICO ratin Bitcointalk Signature Bounty - These are open to Bitcointalk forum members. They just need to add the official ICO signature to their profiles. The bounty that participants get will typically depend on their rankings, and it's usually only open to those ranked as Jr. Members or above. Translation Bounty - This bounty consists of translating important documents related to the project in order. 1. Translation of ANN+bounty thread 2. Translation of Whitepaper+Website to the following languages: ANY LANGUAGE 3. Creation and moderation of local Telegram/Wechat group. Application: Post here with this format: Code: [u][b]TRANSLATION[/b][/u] Bitcointalk username: Native language: Part of bounty you apply for (ANN/WP/Telegram): Translation. Poor bounty experience: If you have created a bounty program, you better live up to expectations. I have seen 100's of bounty programs start and fail miserably because the team was not prepared.

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Launch Your Bounty. Home Page. Launch Your Bounty. BountySuite is being followed by a lot of bounty hunters. Take your place now. To launch or list your bounty on BountySuite please fill in the form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Learn More Detail. Blocto team will select Bounty program participants who produce the most thorough and quality content to become our recurring content producer. Criteria of Blocto Ambassadors (incl. but not limited to the under) A Blocto user who is familiar with our products. Produce valuable content which passes the review from Blocto Team

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Translation campaign. This is pretty much self-explanatory. In the case of a translation campaign, the company rewards you for translating its website, white paper, or some other content. For instance, Texochat is a blockchain-based chat application. In July 2019, on BitcoinTalk, the company announced the bounty of 400 USD in TXO for translating its white paper. 4. Twitter and Facebook. The list of new and popular bounty-companies, the most promising bounty-companies on Neironi

HEPA FINANCE Bounty - Latest TAPE Bounty - Cryptoknowmics is the best cryptocurrency news website that provides news about Latest TAPE Bounty , Bounty hunter BTC $39,678.73 -1.66% ETH $2,570.47 -1.89 With the translation campaign, participates will translate ICO's website, white paper, and its Bitcointalk ANN thread into another language. Aside from that, they also have to moderate different forum groups. Bug Reporting Bounties - One of the most important and effective bounty campaign. This helps the developers identifying the crypto. We thank all the participants of our Translation Bounty for their amazing work! At the moment we are not hiring people for translations into other languages, however, this bounty might be reopened in case such necessity occurs. #crypto#cryptocurrencies#cryptocurrency#bounty. Feel free to follow our updates & news on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, and BitcoinTalk. Read what the customers. Author tokpie Posted on 27.05.2019 13.07.2019 Categories Bounties Tags bitcointalk, bounty, campaign, earn online, ETH, moderation, Round 2, TKP, tokpie, Translation, USDC Post navigation Previous Previous post: How to Earn Tokpie Telegram Campaign Stakes in Round


For only $200, Realusinvestmen will moderate your bounty campaign on bitcointalk. | We will be your BOUNTY Managers of your bounty campaign, And we have many experience about bounty campaigns management.So if you are looking for | Fiver Das UnitedCrowd Bounty-Programm. Insgesamt reservieren wir 12.500.000 UCT für die Teilnehmer unseres Bounty-Programms. Das entspricht einem Wert von 250.000€, die wir an all diejenigen in Token auszahlen, die uns bei unserem IEO unterstützen! Unser Bounty-Programm bietet dir dabei 6 Möglichkeiten um mit wenigen Schritten Token zu verdienen Prime bounty hunters will only be able to join a bounty based on what they are good at. 52 Posts 19 Topics Last post by ChrisCrypto in [Bounty] VID - video com... on July 09, 2019, 08:23:17 AM Child Boards: Twitter bounties, Content Bounties, Signature Bounties, Translation Bounties, Influencers Bounty: Reserved Bounties. These bounties are reserved to members with Jnr rank or above. 0 Posts 0.

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We prefer to manage your campaigns via Bitcointalk Forum to reach more participants and use Google Spreadsheets for transparent reviewings that's seen by anyone. As an extra, our current bounty participant database is large and loyal. Whether it is Bounty Management or Community Management, we provide 24/7 service to participants with our experienced team members - You've to translate BitcoinTalk Bounty and Announcement thread in selected language and support it until the end of the Campaign. - Reserve translation language and get confirmation before starting localization. - Russian, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Filipino, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese translations are required. - Google. Translation Campaign Bounties. This involves translating all documents pertaining to the cryptocurrency project as well as moderating different forum groups. It is the perfect bounty program for native speakers of languages like Japanese, French, Spanish, Dutch, and German etc. The common translation activities include cryptocurrency website, white paper and the Bitcointalk ANN thread. 2. Bug. For most bounty programs, only people on Bitcointalk who are Jr. Members and above can participate. Post-ICO Bounty Programs. After the ICO has been completed and the soft cap has been reached, Post-ICO bounty programs are aimed to improve your project through constructive feedback. Some of the common types of Post-ICO bounty programs are as follows: Translation Campaign Bounties. In this. The Started Bounty reward is one of the essential goals of any marketing plan is to make sure as much market penetration as possible for the cryptocurrency product/service. By so doing, a lot of men and women get to know about the business, what they provide and how to interact with their products and services. This helps to boost word-of-mouth marketing which contributes to increased earnings

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Translate the thread, post the news, answer the questions in the thread, reddit - slack - telegram - bct : comunity local manager skill, italian article and much more. For only $95, Deebawriter will create airdrop, ann, bounty announcement on bitcointalk for the ico or crypto. | Being a part of an active team, I am offering the services for ANN/Bounty/Airdrop thread creation for upcoming best ICOs.The ANN, Bounty or Airdrop thread | Fiver Re: Bounties on AltcoinsTalks VS. Bounties on Bitcointalk. In short, AltcoinsTalks is a better place to run a bounty, so why do some bitcointalk users complain, why don't they just join here and create an account and rank it up as well, which by the way many do. Bitcointalk users have no strong reason to complain TYPE OF BOUNTY: ITA Article, I wrote 3.5 hours to translate and write this article (posted also in my Portal VideoRipetizioni.com, I will send also via weekly newsletter) Bitcointalk Username: aci6 Participants are required to post their Weekly Reports in our Bitcointalk Bounty Thread. If you are participating in multiple bounty campaigns, then post each campaign report in a separate post. Example: You are doing Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Post each report in a separate post; ie: 3 posts to summarize your weekly activity. Signature campaign Must be a Jr. member rank to participate in.

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Bitcointalk translation and moderation; Writing blog posts; Posting articles in popular media. At the end of TOKEN SALE we will distribute 50,000,000 GENE Tokens proportionally to your bounty stakes in each category. Join our Bounty Program. Bounty GENE Token Distribution. Twitter Follow & Reposts 9.75%; Facebook Follow & Reposts 9.75%; Bitcointalk Signature Campaign 19.5%; Bitcointalk. Bounty Specifications. 1. 30 x42 coins will be paid to anyone that is native in a particular language and translates the x42 ANN announcement to that language, if it hasn't been translated to it yet.. 2. Translate the entirety of the x42 ANN topic and its images to the language of choice Bitcointalk Bounty thread #2; Bitcointalk ANN thread; To participate in CargoCoin's bounty hunter program, you need to fill in the short registration form. What we need to know about you as a bounty hunter is: your name (real of fictious), your e-mail address (for and contact purposes), your password to access your dashboard and most importantly you need to add all of your social media. Bounty is to be allocated as follows: Bitcointalk campaign 40%, social media campaign 30%, content creation campaign 20%, translation & localization 10%; To register for the bounty campaign, an Ethereum address (not an exchange address) is necessary

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Translate the original ANN post on Bitcointalk . 2. Post the translation to the local forum on Bitcointalk in your language starting a local thread about SEDO. Post your report with a link to the ANN translation in this bounty thread. 3. Update it upon our request, publish official news as they are out (no less than 3 per week), moderate the discussion (including answering questions regarding. Bounty Ideas: New exchanges, new translations, updating existing translations, updating the roadmap, reviewing and refining content, adding pagination on list pages, improving the content management system and more. 2. NavHub. This is the website dedicated to all the layer two applications of Navcoin and the wider community beyond the core protocol. Bounty Ideas: Writing news articles. BOUNTY ALLOCATION 8,333,333 --> 12,499,999.5 Tokens will be allocated for this bounty campaign. → Campaign 1: YouTube, Blog posts, Articles Bounty - 20% → Campaign 2: Twitter Bounty - 15% → Campaign 3: Facebook Bounty - 15 BitcoinTalk Translation Twitter Creative (Media & Blogs) Vlogs Ambassadors Referrals Reserve SPORTVEST.IO | BOUNTY@SPORTVEST.IO 2 BOUNTY POOL DISTRIBUTION. 1.82% TF X %PS TS Where: TF = Total Funds raised PS = Participant's Stake in the Particular Activity TS = Total Stake for the Particular Activity Example: A participant accumulates 100 Stakes in the Twitter Activity by liking, tweeting. This involves translating all documents related to the ICO (Whitepaper, website) and moderating different forums (Bitcointalk announcement, Bounty thread). It's a perfect bounty for native or fluent speakers of languages like Japanese, French, Spanish, Dutch, and German, etc. Thus, the payout is usually the best! Translation Campaign Bounties. Post-ICO Bounty Program. At this stage, the ICO.

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• Translators are expected to remain engaged in discussion about CargoCoin on an thread specific to their language. • Translations have to be done professionally. • For stake counting, only the posts of the OP are counted towards Moderation activity. To Apply: Post on this thread with the following details: • Native language. • Part of bounty you apply for. We propose to create your Bounty campaign according to your objectives, post it on the Bitcointalk forum by a legendary rank, which will increase confidence in the project. Then we will ensure a wide targeted promotion to ensure you a huge participation. Our Bounty managers will even take care of answering all the participants' questions and managing the campaign from A to Z ICO Bounty Marketing not only helps you raise capital but will generate qualified leads for investment purposes. Blockchain Australia Solutions is one of Australia's leading blockchain development agencies and can help provide a range of services including web development, PPC, SEO and content and social marketing Cần những thứ gì để làm bounty? Điều đâu tiên là chúng ta không cần tiền. Ok fine với chuyện này nhé. Có rất nhiều nhiệm vụ để làm trên bitcointalk như Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Blog, Youtube, Translate, Signature,. Visit the RedCab airdrop form page.; Join their Telegram group.. (+5 REDC) Follow them on Twitter and retweet this tweet 1, tweet 2.. (+5 REDC) Like their Facebook page and share this post.. (+5 REDC) Join their Discord page.. (+5 REDC) Post a constructive message with a minimum of 250 characters to this Bitcointalk thread to get 10 REDC per post. You can post a maximum of 5 messages

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  1. ent alt-coin forum or BitcoinTalk. Social Media Bounty: Post to FACEBOOK, Twitter, Reddit — 15,000 SOLCERTS *notice* posts to bitcointalk.org are part of the sig campaign (see above) and are not accepted as part of the social media bounty
  2. An important detail is that ccFOUND will gradually decentralize to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where the community itself will ensure the quality of the translation through the planned DAO mechanisms, and members will be rewarded for this, e.g. making translations, proofreading, etc. Token detail
  3. 4. Manage Bitcointalk Announcements. 5. Manage Bitcointalk Bounty . 6. Round the Clock Support, I am working on Bitcointalk for over 2 years and can help you in creating a successful strategy to promote your ICO on Bitcointalk. Please do message me before placing the order to get the best results. Come, let's work together
  4. In order to reserve your translation, please follow these steps: 1. Make a reply below mentioning the language you want to reserve. 2. Take a screenshot of your comment and post in our #translation-bounty 3. Translate all of the text and images in this ANN thread. 4. Post your translated article on Bitcointalk.Org 5. Post the link in this ANN.
  5. A Bounty Hunter (influencer) is an individual that owns or manages a website or blog, as well as an account with a global social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram or VK. By creating content at the request of the bounty host (creates reviews, articles, news, shares, retweets, etc.), the Bounty Hunter receives a pre-defined.
  6. s on telegram for any changes. See More. Final Calculation Crypto Forum,Bitcointalk or Altcoinstalks profile url ,Bitcointalk or Altcoinstalks username ,Telegram username,ERC-20 Address,Signature,Twitter.

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Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Numerous bounty programs at Bitcointalk Translations. Crypto start-ups are always interested in having their content translated into multiple languages. Since many start-ups run on a limited budget, a good method to go about this is to launch a translation bounty. Here, native users translate specific. Bounty Campaign MEvU! 10% - Translation Campaign 20% - Facebook Campaign 20% - Twitter Campaign 20% - Signature Campaign 30% - Article/Video Campaign . Веб сайт. Whitepapers. Тема на bitcointalk. Read more . 263 0 . Airdrop & Bounty Channel 25 Aug 2018, 11:45. Bounty Campaign Shopin! 10% - Reddit Campaign 15% - Media Campaign 15% - Signature Campaign 20%.

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  1. Exchange Union Coin Bounty Program Spreadsheet (all in one
  2. ICO Bounty Program Management - A Turnkey Solutio
  3. CryptoBountyReview: Latest Bitcointalk Bounty
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