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  1. SCOTTISH JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY FEBRUARY 1961 Hart, P. E.; Macbean, A. I. 1961-02-01 00:00:00 Footnotes 2 The Glasgow Herald figures are on an unconsolidated basis so that subsidiaries appear under their own names. The consequential double counting of some capital is thought to make for lower profit rates compared with the figures of the Economist. 3 Many of the Glasgow Herald's 'Scottish' companies (e.g. J. & P. Coats) have large interests outside Scotland and overseas. 4 A list.
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  4. e the effect on growth. The results suggest that there is a strong link. GARCH-M models reveal negative effects of instability on growth and positive effects on growth uncertainty. Uncertainty in itself does not affect growth
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Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2005, 52, (5), 747-768 View citations (24) The Lure of the Multiplex? The Interplay of Time, Distance, and Cinema Attendance Environment and Planning A, 2005, 37, (3), 483-501 View citations (2) 2004. Sexual Dissidence, Enterprise and Assimilation: Bedfellows in Urban Regeneration Urban Studies, 2004, 41, (9), 1789-1806 View citations (3) Sexuality and. Macmillan, D. C., N. Hanley and S. T. Buckland (1996), 'A Contingent Valuation Study of Uncertain Environmental Gains', Scottish Journal of Political Economy 43(5), 519-533. Google Scholar Mitchell, R. C. and R. T. Carson (1989), Using Surveys to Value Public Goods. Washington, D.C.: Resources for the Future

Scottish Journal of Political Economy. England. Social Choice And Welfare. Germany. Spanish Economic Review. Spain. Studies In Nonlinear Dynamics And Econometrics. United States. Theory And Decisión. Netherlands. Tijdschrift Voor Economische en Sociale Geografie. England. Value in Health. United States . World Bank Economic Review. England. World Bank Research Observer. England. World. Philip Jones, John Hudson Standardization and the costs of assessing quality, European Journal of Political Economy 12, no.2 2 (Sep 1996): 355-361. https://doi.org/10.1016/0176-2680(95)00021-6 Terence C. Halliday , Bruce G. Carruthers The moral regulation of markets: Professions, privatization and the english insolvency act 1986 , Accounting, Organizations and Society 21 , no.4 4 (May 1996) : 371-413 The University of Glasgow is a registered Scottish charity: Registration Number SC004401. School of Social & Political Sciences. Contact us; Legal. Accessibility statement; Freed

Evidence From The Bhps, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Scottish Economic Society, vol. 51(3), pages 329-358, August. Axel Heitmueller, 2003. Job Mobility in Britain: Are the Scots different? Evidence from the BHPS, CERT Discussion Papers 0303, Centre for Economic Reform and Transformation, Heriot Watt University. Axel Heitmueller, 2003. Job Mobility in Britain: Are the Scots. Mickael Terrien, Nicolas Scelles, Stephen Morrow, Lionel Maltese, Christophe Durand, The win/profit maximization debate: strategic adaptation as the answer?, Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, 10.1108/SBM-10-2016-0064, 7, 2, (121-140), (2017) Phillips, L., Votey, H. L. and Maxwell, D. (1972), ' Crime, youth and the labour market ', Journal of Political Economy, 80: 3, 491 - 504. CrossRef Google Scholar Ramsden , S. and Smee , C. ( 1981 ), ' The health of unemployed men: DHSS cohort study ', Employment Gazette , 89 : 9 , 397 - 401 Research, Land Use Policy, Scottish Journal of Political Economy Media Coverage Print & Web: Oil tip-off as safe as houses, The Press and Journal, 30.05.2015, Aberdeen house prices could be used to predict the price of oil, Scottish Financial News, 29.05.201 Journal of Political Economy, 99, 1029-1059. Elola, J., Daponte, A., and Navarro, V. (1995). Health indicators and the organization of health care systems in western Europe

Isaac Ankamah-Yeboah, Claire W. Armstrong, Stephen Hynes, Bui Bich Xuan, Katherine Simpson Assessing public preferences for deep sea ecosystem conservation: a choice experiment in Norway and Scotland, Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy 7 (May 2021): 1-20 Journal / Law Society of Scotland Journal / New Zealand College of Midwives African Journal of Political Economy / Revue Africain d'Economie Politique Afrimedic Journal Ahfad Journal. Women and Change Al-Fatih Journal = مجلة الفتح Alexandra Magazine & English Woman's Journal, The (via Gerritsen Collection) Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International.

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Scottish Journal of Political Economy February 1961

Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 59 (5). pp. 523-542. ISSN 0036-9292 Lisenkova, Katerina and Merette, Marcel and Wright, Robert The Impact of Population Ageing on the Labour Market: : Evidence from Overlapping Generations Computable General Equilibrium (OLG-CGE) Model of Scotland George Blazyca is Professor of Economics and Marek Kolkiewicz is a Research Assistant at the Centre for Contemporary European Studies, University of Paisley, Scotland. Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, Vol.15, No.4, December 1999, pp.131—143 PUBLISHED BY FRANK CASS, LONDON . 132 JOURNAL OF COMMUNIST STUDIES AND TRANSITION POLITICS temperature of a domestic quarrel that. A different point of view from these authors is taken in Ivor Crewe's review of How Britain Votes in Political Studies , XXXIV (1986). 620‐38. 10 J. Brand, J. Mitchell and P. Surridge, 'Can Labour win with Scottish help', in A Heath, R. Jowell and J. Curtice (eds), Labour's Lost Chance: the 1992 Election and Beyond (London, Dartmouth, forthcoming). 11 These issues are further considered. Scottish Journal of Political Economy 6(3):194-212. Smout, T. C. 1963. 'Chapter 10: The Changing Pattern of Exports.' in Scottish trade on the eve of Union, 1660-1707 In answering these questions, the book explores the long-run evolution of bank regulation, the role of the Bank of England, bank rescues and the need to hold shareholders to account. Reviews. 'Banking in Crisis combines the very best of serious academic scholarship and keen policy analysis

This study has investigated the impact of socio-economic status on life expectancy in the case of Lebanon over the period of 1971 to 2014. Availability of food, CO2 emissions, secondary school enrollment, per capita income and population growth are used for reviewing socio-economic status of Lebanon. Johansen test is used for examining co-integration among variables SJASS Mission Statement SJASS is Peer Reviewed and Open Access Scientific Journal! The mission of the Scottish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies (SJASS) is to publish empirical research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in the fields of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientifi A former Scottish Enterprise (SE) head of energy has been appointed to lead the economic development quango as chief executive. Adrian Gillespie, currently chief commercial officer at Strathclyde. Economy and Fair Work. Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Claire Baker is convener, with SNP member Colin Beattie deputy. Clair Baker MSP. Michelle T (SNP), Lorna Slater (Green) and Fiona Hyslop (SNP.

Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 31 (1984), pp. 1-27. CrossRef View Record in Scopus Google Scholar. McCormick, 1985. M.C. McCormick. The contribution of low birth weight to infant mortality and childhood morbidity. New England Journal of Medicine, 312 (1985), pp. 82-90. View Record in Scopus Google Scholar. Murray and Bernfield, 1988. J.L. Murray, M. Bernfield. The differential effect. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 43 (1996): 579-89. * Smith, Adam. The Wealth of Nations. Ed. William Playfair; introd. William Rees-Mogg. London: Pickering & Chatto, 1995. 3 vols., 1744 pp. [Based on Playfair's 1805 edition, including his supplemental comments on the economic events of the 1790s] Tanaka, Hideo. Adam Smith Studies in Japan. Working Paper nos. 36-37, Faculty of. Scottish Journal of Political Economy 11(3): 219-232. Lythe, S.G.E. (1964b). Gourlays. The Rise and Fall of a Scottish Shipbuilding Firm. Dundee: Abertay Historical Society No. 10. Moss, Michael S, and Hume, John R. (1977). Workshop of the British Empire: Engineering and Shipbuilding in the West of Scotland. London: Heinemann Educational. Scottish Journal of Political Economy 43(5):519-533. Mazzotta, M. J., and J. Kline. 1995. Environmental philosophy and the concept of nonuse value. Land Economics 71(2):244-249. McConnell, K. E. 1997. Does altruism undermine existence value? Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 32(1):22-37. McGinnis, M. V. 1995. On the verge of collapse: The Columbia River system, wild. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 51(2): 230-250. Bornholt, L., Gientzotis, J., & Cooney, G. (2004). Understanding Choice Behaviours: Pathways from School to University with Changing Aspirations and Opportunities. Social Psychology of Education, 7: 211-228. Bourn, J. (2002). Widening Participation in Higher Education in England. London: National Audit Office. Bowers-Brown, T. (2006.

Book Chapters Ugwudike, P. (Accepted/In press). Data-Driven Algorithms in Criminal Justice: Prediction as self-fulfilling prophesy.In U. Kohl, & J. Eisler (Eds.), Data-Driven Personalisation in Markets, Politics and Law University of Cambridge Press. Edwards, R., & Weller, S. (2021). I-poems/Poemas del yo: A method of analysing subjectivity in qualitative data (notes from a workshop) up 47 Thomas W. Page, The Transportation of Immigrants and Reception Arrangements in the Nineteenth Century, The Journal of Political Economy 19, no. 9 (November, 1911): 734. up 48 Charbonneau and Sevigny, 'A Record of Daily Events,' 18. up 49 Charbonneau and Sevigny, 'A Record of Daily Events,' 13. up 50 Campey, 'Scottish Pioneers,' 3 The British Journal of Social Work, Volume 38 assumed that a community-based and a traditional leftist approach would fit within the political mainstream. Scottish social work as developed in the 1960s particularly was vulnerable to changes in the political climate. Challenging the vision: social work on the defensive. A defining feature of Scottish social work, from its inception in 1968.

EU Enlargement and the Future of the Welfare State Hans

  1. Northern Scotland is an established scholarly journal that has been in existence since 1972. Initially produced by the University of Aberdeen, it was relaunched latterly by the UHI Centre for History and Aberdeen University. Since 2016, its institutional supporters have been UHI, the Centre for Scotland's Land Futures and Centre for Scottish Culture. It is a fully peer-reviewed publication.
  2. According to the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP), the driving force behind the independence movement, an independent Scotland will keep the pound. Apart from the fact that it is not entirely clear which pound is supposed to be kept, any discussion in this matter invariably rests on several controversial presuppositions. This paper will discuss some of these presuppositions and.
  3. would use the economy to modernize. Within this paper I hope to argue that Scottish national identity was formed around Highland dress in the eighteenth century, and for their assimilation into the Greater British Isles. From tribal conflicts between the Picts, Gaels and Britons to twenty-first century protests for dissolution of the Act of Union within Scotland, relations between Scotland and.
  4. ant Imaginings of the 'New' Scotland' Gerry Mooney (The Open University in Scotland) (Gerry.Mooney@open.ac.uk) Gill Scott (Glasgow Caledonian University) (gill.wilmot1@btinternet.com) April 2016 for Themed Issue of the Journal of Ethics and Social Welfar

In Scotland, political and media messages about migration have been more positive than at the UK level generally even if it hurts the economy The settlement of migrants in the last 10 years has been extremely bad for Britain Very or a little prejudiced against people of other races % of usual residents foreign born (all Government Office Regions) −0.566: −0.798** −0.673* % of usual. Journal of Political Economy. 1962; 70 (5, Part 2):129-157. doi: 10.1086/258730. [Google Scholar] Naicker S, Plange-Rhule J, Tutt RC, Eastwood JB. Shortage of healthcare workers in developing countries-Africa. Ethnicity and Disease. 2009; 19 (1):60. [Google Scholar] Nguku, A. 2009. Nursing the Future: e-Learning and clinical care, in Kenya. Political economy extensively examines how nature is commodified but fails to analyse the difference liveliness of animals makes to processes of commodification. Drawing upon empirical work on lions and elephants in the political economies of tourism and biodiversity conservation in India, this paper proposes analytics for understanding commodification and accumulation in relational and less. Scottish Journal of Political Economy 2012;59(1):47-70. Burch J, Griffin S, McKenna C, Walker S, Paton J, Wright K, Woolacott N. Omalizumab for the treatment of severe persistent allergic asthma in children Aged 6-11 years: a NICE single technology appraisal. Pharmacoeconomics 2012;30(11):991-1004. Download from springe

The Exchange Rate and Inflation in the U

(2012) 'The German Political Economy Between Deregulation and Re-regulation: Party Discourses on Minimum Wage Policies', Korean Journal of Policy Studies, 27(2), 91 - 120. (2010) 'The Developmental Welfare State and Social Policy: Shifting from Basic to Universal Social Protection', Korean Journal of Policy Studies, 25(3), 147 - 172 Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 67(1) pp. 72-99. Download Accepted Manuscript ( PDF / 680kB) Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr ; Lambe, Brendan John and Shrestha, Keshab (2020)

Scotland embraces a radical, new, collaborative culture throughout our public services, both budgets and provision will buckle under the strain [of demand and underfunding]'. The Commission recommended 'a fundamental overhaul of the relationships within and between those institutions and agencies - public, third sector and private - responsible for designing and delivering public services. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 67(1) pp. 72-99. Download Accepted Manuscript (PDF / 680kB) Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr; Lambe, Brendan John and Shrestha, Keshab (2020). Do Stock Market Fluctuations Affect Suicide Rates? Journal of Financial Research, 43(4) pp. 737-765.. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-review. 20 Citations (Scopus) Overview; Fingerprint; Abstract. The superiority of the corporation over other organizational forms is typicallyattributed to the fact that every owner has limited liability. The widely-held, butempirically unsubstantiated, view is that the main advantage of limited liability overextended shareholder. ELSEVIER Journal of Health Economics 14 (1995) 583-603 JOURNAL OF !m/ 11[ ECONOMICS Economic conditions and alcohol problems Christopher J. Ruhm * Department of Economics, University of North Carolina Greensboro, Greensboro, NC 27412-5001, USA Received i July 1994; revised 1 October 1994 Abstract This study investigates the relationship between macroeconomic conditions and two alcohol-related. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 66 (2). pp. 314-330. ISSN 0036-9292 Koop, Gary and Korobilis, Dimitris and Pettenuzzo, Davide Bayesian compressed vector autoregressions. Journal of Econometrics, 210 (1). pp. 135-154. ISSN 0304-407

Scottish Government wins European award for its work to

Deliberative Ecological Economics. Delhi: Oxford University Press. Zografos, C. 2007. Rurality discourses and the role of the social enterprise in regenerating rural Scotland. Journal of Rural Studies 23, pp.38-51. Teaching. Environment, Society and Politics. Bachelor's in Political and Administration Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabr Biography. o PhD Programme leader, The Business School. o Research led, SOE subject group. o Module leader for Economics of Business Strategy (blended and distance learning - UK/Singapore/ Hong Kong). Advisory Board member: Interdisciplinary journal of Economics and Business Law. ERASMUS lecturer, Warsaw School of Economics

In his book on Scotland and Europe: The Medieval Kingdom and its Contacts with Christendom, 1214-1560, David Ditchburn notes that medieval cartographers often positioned Scotland as an isolated country on the edge of the known world. This is the case for instance on the thirteenth-century mappa mundi kept in Hereford Cathedral where Scotland is depicted as a self-standing island This, argues Kellas, compounded with the institutionalisation of the Scottish Office in 1885, enabled Scots to conceive of Scotland as a distinct political entity. 9 The road to Scottish devolution has been a turbulent journey for most political parties in Scotland. The pro-unionist parties, particularly Labour and Conservative, have had a. politics of modernising planning in Scotland Journal: Urban Studies Manuscript ID CUS-032-16-01.R1 Manuscript Type: Article <b>Discipline: Please select a keyword from the following list that best describes the discipline used in your paper.: Planning World Region: Please select the region(s) that best reflect the focus of your paper. Names of individual countries, cities & economic groupings.

Journal of Human Resources has an h-index of 106.It means 106 articles of this journal have more than 106 number of citations. The h-index is a way of measuring the productivity and citation impact of the publications. The h-index is defined as the maximum value of h such that the given journal/author has published h papers that have each been cited at least h number of times 2015 - What Works Scotland - Glasgow. In-text: (Brunner and Watson, 2015) Your Bibliography: Brunner, R. and Watson, N., 2015. What can the capabilities approach add to policy analysis in high-income countries? Working Paper. Glasgow: What Works Scotland. Journal. Carpenter, M. The capabilities approach and critical social policy: Lessons from the majority world? 2009 - Critical Social Policy.

Items where subject is Political science (General) Up a level Export as ASCII Citation Dublin Core EP3 XML EndNote HTML Citation JSON METS Multiline CSV Object IDs OpenURL ContextObject RDF+N-Triples RDF+N3 RDF+XML Refer RIS (EndNote Online, Zotero, Ref manager, etc Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society 68: 16-54. Markus, M. L. 1987. Toward a 'Critical Mass' Theory of Interactive Media: Universal Access, Interdependence and Diffusion

Political Instability and Economic Growth: UK Time Series

Journal of Experimental Psychology General 110: 121-152. Rosenberg LJ, Czepiel JA (1984) a marketing approach to customer retention. Journal of Consumer Marketing 1: 45-51. Alcaniz EB, Garcia IS, Blas SS (2005) Relationships among residents' image, evaluation of the stay and post-purchase behavior. Journal of Vacation Marketing 11: 291-302 Journal / Law Society of Scotland Journal / New Zealand College of Midwives Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics / Revue Canadienne d' Agroeconomie Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (via EBSCO Host) Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies = Revue Canadienne des Études Latino-Américaines et Caraïbes Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences. CEU Political Science Journal 2:3 (2007): 302-318. Büchel, F. Successful apprenticeship-to-work transitions: On the long-term change in significance of the German school-leaving certificate. International Journal of Manpower 23:5 (2002): 394-410 Land and river management groups representing more than 90,000 jobs claim their livelihoods could be torn apart if the SNP takes on Green party manifesto pledges in a new coalition Aberdeen International Airport bosses say the travel sector faces a critical moment this summer - amid concerns over the future of the industry

The Scottish National Party won the third-largest number of seats in the House of Commons at the 2015 general election, winning 56 MPs from the 59 constituencies in Scotland having won 50% of the popular vote. This was an increase of 50 MPs on the result achieved in 2010. At the 2017 general election, the SNP won 35 seats, a net loss of 21 seats. At the 2019 general election, the SNP won 48. Settlement by anatomically modern humans of what was to become the United Kingdom occurred in waves beginning by about 30,000 years ago. By the end of the region's prehistoric period, the population is thought to have belonged, in the main, to a culture termed Insular Celtic, comprising Brittonic Britain and Gaelic Ireland. The Roman conquest, beginning in 43 AD, and the 400-year rule of. The Sociological Review, 45: 591-620; I Smith (1997) 'Explaining the Growth of Divorce in Great Britain' Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 44:5 519-544; Julie-Marie Strange (2015) Fatherhood and the British working class, 1865-1914; BJ Willoughby et al (2014) 'Marriage Matters But How Much? Marital Centrality Among Young Adults' J Psychol, 149:8 796-817. Seminar/essay questions: How. McCrone, D 2009, 'National Identity and Culture in a Cold Climate: The Case of Scotland' Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 53-66. DOI: No DOI for this publication Digital Object Identifier (DOI): No DOI for this publication Link: Link to publication record in Edinburgh Research Explorer Document Version: Early version, also known as pre-print Published In: Journal of. ECONOMY AND SOCIETY, 453-476, vol. 47(3). link> doi> full text> McGhee D, Moreh C, Vlachantoni A. 2019. Stakeholder identities in Britain's neoliberal ethical community: Polish narratives of earned citizenship in the context of the UK's EU referendum. Br J Sociol, 1104-1127, vol. 70(4). link> doi> full text> McGhee D and Zhang S. 2017. Nurturing resilient future citizens through value.

Heidelberg Journal of International Law=Zeitschrift für Ausländisches Offentliches Recht und Volkerrecht. Helsinki Monitor. High Court Quarterly Review. Historia Constitucional. Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal. Hofstra Law & Policy Symposium. Hofstra law review. Holocaust and Genocide Studies Journal of Philosophical Research 25 (2000), 285-309. Lentz, Ralph Eugene. Against Satanic Economics: Aquinas' Theology of Virtue and Political Economy, New Blackfriars 98 (2017), 245-263. Levy, Donald. Freud Among the Philosophers: The Psychoanalytic Unconscious and its Philosophical Critics (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1996). Levy, Neil Department of Political Science Fighting for Credibility University of Toronto Press . Pekacz, Jolanta. Musical Biography: Towards New Paradigms, originally published by Ashgate in 2006. Guy, Jean-Sebastien (2017) Functionalsystems as metric forms and institutions as nonmetric forms: a neo-Luhmannian approach, in Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 32-47. Guy.

A Conditional Logit Model of Occupational Choice, Journal of Political Economy, 82:389-413 11.Bradiey, S., 1993. Job Search by Unemployed School-Leavers: The Use of the Careers Service during a Recession, International Journal of Manpower, 14:23-2 Journal of Political Economics, 74, 132-157. Louviere, J.J. and G.G. Woodworth (1983). Design and Analysis of Simulated Consumer Choice or Allocation Experiments: An Approach Based on Aggregate Data. Journal of Marketing Research, 20(4), 350-367. Manski, C.F. (1977). The Structure of Random Utility Models. Theory and Decision, 8, 299-254

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  1. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Journal Prestige (SJR): 1.486 Citation Impact (citeScore): 2 Number of Followers: 48 Hybrid journal * Containing 28 Open Access article(s) in this issue * ISSN (Print) 1369-183X - ISSN (Online) 1469-945
  2. Introduction Mortality rates in many high-income countries have changed from their long-term trends since around 2011. This paper sets out a protocol for testing the extent to which economic austerity can explain the variance in recent mortality trends across high-income countries. Methods and analysis This is an ecological natural experiment study, which will use regression adjustment to.
  3. Heitmueller A. 2006. Public-private sector pay differentials in a devolved Scotland. Journal of Applied Economics, 9: 295-323. Holmlund B. 1993. Wage setting in private and public sectors in a model with endogenous government behaviour. European Journal of Political Economy, 9: 149-162. Horner J., Ngai L.R., Olivetti C. 2007. Public enterprises.
  4. • Journal refereeing - Including: Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics, Social Science and Medicine, Value in Health, International Journal of Technology Assessment, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, British Medical Journal, Medical Decision Making, Journal of Economic Psychology, Health Expectations, British Journal of General Practice, Housing Studies.
  5. imal or nil' (Pawar, 2014). Whether the state is expanding or contracting and can it be a force for grassroots democratic initiatives is more ambiguous. Responsibility shifts away from the state, but it still deter
  6. The journal : the member magazine for the Law Society of Scotland: Journal africain d'hepato-gastroenterologie: Journal citation reports: Journal contents in quantitative methods: Journal d'analyse mathématique : Journal de l'agriculture, du commerce et des finances: Journal de la Société des Africanistes: Journal de la Société française de statistique & Revue de statistique appliquée.

The Indian Journal of Political Science 67 (2006), 927-938. Hammond, Keith. Alasdair MacIntyre's Idea of an Educated Public and 'Informal' Adult Education in Scotland, Journal of Adult and Continuing Education 12 (2006), 107-115. Hibbs, Thomas. Subversive Natural Law: MacIntyre and African American Thought in Mark Cherry, ed Michael J. Braddick, State Formation and Social Change in Early Modern England c. 1550-1700. The following is a list of secondary works cited in Michael J. Braddick, State Formation and Social Change in Early Modern England c. 1550-1700 (Cambridge University Press, 2000), ISBN 0 521 783461 (hardback) 0 521 789559 (paperback) Review of International Political Economy (Early Access). Request a copy from the author Accepted Manuscript (PDF) This file is Social networks, language and identity negotiations among queer migrants in Scotland. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (Early Access). Download Version of Record (PDF / 1MB) Stewart, Alasdair B. R.; Gawlewicz, Anna; Bailey, Nick; Katikireddi, S. Vittal and. The Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Eichhorn, Jan & Bergh, Johannes (eds). 2020. Lowering the Voting Age to 16: Learning from Real Experiences Worldwide. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Eichhorn, Jan. 2018. Mobilisation through early activation and school engagement - the story from Scotland. Journal of Youth Studies 21(8): 1095-1110. Eichhorn, Jan. Mr Gallie helped get the 2001 Parliamentary inqiury into regulation of the legal profession going. and I would say played a major part in starting the process which has seen the Legal Profession & Legal Aid (Scotland) Bill proposed as a remedy to bring independent regulation and much needed pro consumer reforms to Scotland's legal profession. Thank you, Mr Gallie. So, one MSP helped me. Phew.

Banking without a Central Bank: Scotland before 1844 as a

Doctorate. 2015 to 2019. International construction project management- a phenomenal examination of project management methods and practices in the construction industry - Manuel Schrapers, Dr Kenny Crossan (Director Of Studies), Dr Piotr Jaworski, Dr Janice McMillan. Doctorate European Journal of Political Economy, 28 (4). pp. 593-606. ISSN 0176-2680 Burdett, Richard (2012) Mapping scales of urban identity. Architectural Design, 82 (6). pp. 92-97. ISSN 1554-2769 Burgess, Robin, Hansen, Matthew, Olken, Benjamin and Sieber, Stefanie (2012) The political economy of deforestation in the tropics Bourne, Angela K. 2014. Europeanization and secession: The Cases of Catalonia and Scotland. Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe 13: 94-120. [Google Scholar] Boylan, Brandon M. 2015. In pursuit of independence: The political economy of Catalonia's secessionist movement. Nations and Nationalism 21: 761-85. [Google Scholar Department of Economics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, P.O. Box 26165, 444 Bryan School, Greensboro, NC 27402-616

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Brekke, J.K. (2020) 'Hacker-engineers and their economies : the political economy of decentralised networks and 'cryptoeconomics'.', New political economy.. Bulkeley, H. and Stripple, J. (2020) 'Climate smart city : new cultural political economies in the making in Malmö, Sweden.', New political economy. The Rural Economics of René de Girardin: Landscapes at the Service of L'Idéologie Nobiliaire . Journal of the History of Ideas 28 July 2020. Searching for Orientation in the History of Culture: Aby Warburg and Leo Frobenius on the Morphological Study of the Ifa-Board. Journal of the History of Ideas 28 July 2020. The Early Modern Debate over the Age of the Hebrew Vowel Points: Biblical. Guibernau M, Rocher F and Adam EC (2014) Introduction: A special section on self-determination and the use of referendums: Catalonia, Quebec and Scotland. International Journal of Politics. Journal of Political Economy, 125 (2) pp. 293-337. 10.1086/690952 . Addie, JD ; (2017) Claiming the University for Critical Urbanism Room 207, 11 Kirkby Place, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA. +44 1752 586693. john.tredinnick-rowe@plymouth.ac.uk. John can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise. Revalidation

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Modelling the Non-market Environmental Costs and Benefits

With power over instigating criminal actions in political cases being lost south of the border, perhaps its time to take a look at how the C.. Northern Scotland | 2021 2020 2019 インパクトファクター動向追跡予測 - 学術アクセラレータ Konsultan analisis data statistik untuk penelitian mahasiswa, lembaga, dan umu The New Politics : Catholic Social Teaching for the twenty-first Century. SCM Press: London, pp. 114-131. ISBN 9780334030485 Clapham, D., Kintrea, K. and Kay, H. (1998) Sustainability and maturity of community based housing organisations. Journal of Co-operative Studies, 31(1), pp. 30-38. Clark, D. (1998) An annotated bibliography of the publications of Cicely Saunders - 1: 1958-67. A Chinese spaceship carrying a three-person crew has docked with the country's new space station at the start of three-month mission, marking a milestone in its ambitious space programme

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Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History. Publishes new research on Scottish art by art historians and curators based in Scotland. Journal of Canadian art history. Covers all aspects of the discipline of the history of Canadian art, architecture and the decorative arts; and Inuit and North American Native art from the eighteenth century to the contemporary period. Art in America. CAMBRIDGE JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS. ISSNs: 0309-166X. Oxford University Press. Scopus rating (2021), Scopus (2020) Journal. 8 publications CANADIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY-REVUE CANADIENNE DE CHIMIE. ISSNs: 0008-4042. National Research Council of Canada. Scopus rating (2021), Scopus (2020), Scopus (2020), Scopus (2020) Journal. 9 publications CANADIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. ISSNs: 0008-4204. National. Jordan, H. y D. Halpin (2006), The Political Costs of Policy Coherence: Constructing a Rural Policy for Scotland, Journal of Public Policy, 26(1), pp. 21-41. Lakatos, I. (1978), La metodología de los programas de investigación, Madrid, Alianza Editorial Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, 3, R36-R38. [Book Review] Adams, S. (2006) Review of Epochs and Styles: Selected Writings on the New Testament, Greek Language and Greek Culture in the Post-Classical Era by Albert Wifstrand. Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism, 3, R32-R35. [Book Review

Catching the wave: interview with Ben MacphersonPoverty and education: helping young people reach theirUK Government sets out plan for net-zero energy

Quacks, Lemons, and Licensing: A Theory of Minimum Quality

Brexit has already depressed growth in the U.K.'s financial center of London, which saw only 1.4% in 2018 and was close to zero in 2019. Brexit also diminished business investment by 11% between 2016 and 2019. 31 . International companies are less likely to use London as an English-speaking entry into the EU economy eBook: Literatur (ISBN 978-3-8329-4232-8) von aus dem Jahr 200 Scottish politics. Scottish politics Heavy hint from Prime Minister that Tay Cities Deal will be signed off. March 3 2017. Discover which publications have used Understanding Society data by using this search facility. The research can be filtered by subject, publication type, author and year of publication

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